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What Is The Difference Between A Roller Bearing And A Ball Bearing?

Roller bearing is a device used to carry a load by placing round elements between two pieces, the motion of the 2 pieces causes the element to roll easily and with no sliding. Another thing to consider with high temperatures in a cylindrical rolling bearing is the oil's viscosity Viscosity is the measure of the relative resistance of a fluid to flow at a given temperature: the higher the viscosity, the greater its resistance to flow.
These types are commonly used in gear drives, crop shears, rolling mills, and other general machinery industries. Ball Bearings: Ball bearings, are probably the most MA type spherical roller bearings common type. Because of the small area of contact that is holding a particular load, the balls may become deformed and ruin the bearing if it becomes overloaded.

The amount of misalignment allowable in a given roller bearing is determined by its radial play, end play, guide flange angle and roller element geometry, namely the roller flat length and crown radius values (turn to Roller Bearing Features for more information).
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Sometimes, bearings under operation experience sudden impact load or high load during nonoperational mode and that causes plastic deformation known as true brinelling, whereas, false brinelling or fretting wear is caused by a repeated small amount of force acting on a bearing surface over a sustained period of time.
These bearings can support radial and thrust loads. For the many types of industrial equipment that rely on spindles, bearings ensure the precision that businesses rely on every day to stay productive, efficient, and profitable. Minebea's main product line is ball bearings.

Calculating the endurance life of bearings is possible with the help of so-called life models. Also, the use of different roller shapes can further reduce friction and support both radial and axial loads. Some ball bearings are sealed and therefor do not require lubricant.

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