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Urine Analyzer For Medium Dimension Laboratories

BC401 Urine Analyzer is a high-precision, intellectual instrument which is researched and developed basing on modern optics, electronics, laptop science and different advanced technologies for clinical inspection of urine. The UF-one hundred analyzer in this research detected extra RBCs, WBCs, and SECs than did guide microscopy; related findings have additionally been reported for the Yellow IRIS ( 1 ). This most likely represents true detection of cells not identified by handbook microscopy, since routine urinalysis has centrifugation, decantation, and resuspension steps which might be both incomplete or result in mobile loss and lysis.
Nevertheless, especially in pathological circumstances, confirmation of urinalysis outcomes by handbook methods or dipstick testing is advisable due to the constraints vet urine analyzer of automated analysers 18 , 32 , 33 In addition, proper consideration to specimen collection and storage is important to acquire reliable outcomes and to keep away from artefacts.

The outcomes from the automated analyzers for erythrocytes, leukocytes and epithelial cells have been just like the result of microscopic examination. Nevertheless, guide microscopic sediment examination is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and lacks standardization in high-volume laboratories.
The analytical sensitivity, specificity and positive and unfavourable predictive worth for the automated analyzers relative to handbook microscopic examination had been assessed. The Yellow IRISŪ urinalysis instrument has automated the microscopic evaluation of urine sediment.
The Uri-TrakŪ 120 Urine Analyzer is a cost-effective system that enables doctor workplaces and laboratories the accuracy and consistency of superior expertise in urine chemistry testing. 209 urine samples have been analyzed by the Iris iQ200 ELITE (İris Diagnostics, USA), Dirui FUS-200 (DIRUI Industrial Co., China) automated urine sediment analyzers and by handbook microscopic examination.

Creating more effectivity for top volume laboratories, the AU2700 automates chemistry testing and offers extended walk away time. Manual evaluation of urine sediment, although clinically helpful, is fraught with methodological issues. Budak et al. discovered that leukocyte counting by instruments is greater than by the manual methodology 12 The Iris iQ200 mechanically resuspends particles by injecting a bolus of air into each pattern earlier than testing.
Comparison (numbers of samples in each category) between the two automated analyzers. In our study, we labeled the mobile parts to compare guide microscopic examination with automated analyzer in accordance with the medical resolution restrict. Comparison (numbers of samples in each category) between handbook microscopy, FUS-200 and Iris iQ200.

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