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Antalya Halı Mağazaları

From above, they may look like Dutch tulip fields. For us, the town-dwelling children of a father with semi-nomadic heritage and a mother from an urban family of artisans and merchants, carpets and kilims were beauties often possessed by families influential in the social life, and treasures that warmed our souls over harsh winters, adorned our homes, and honored their owners.
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The problem is that carpets are like fine art: unless you really know what you are looking for, it is easy to be fooled or scammed into buying something that is not of real quality and turns out to be a bad investment. Halı Mağazası Lastly, small prayer carpets that are easily rolled up and carried around are explicitly for that purpose only, although some collectors have been known to frame and display antique silk versions.
Prices for carpets can range from a few hundred, to hundreds of thousands of dollars and depend upon many factors. Better quality carpets utilize natural dyes. Therefore it was no surprise to my friends, that when we were out and about for the day, I dragged them into a Turkish carpet and rug shop.

Turkey is a big country, and although there's a good bus system, a bus ride from any major city to Antalya would be a long haul. Turkish carpets are all hand made and thus each carpet is unique. As you are coming to Fethiye there are Carpet Shops in Paspatur, Fethiye being a Turkish Workng town, you could find a better price there than the big Touristy places.
Around the 19th century, when Turkish carpets were introduced to Europe and mass popularity made it hard to meet demand, production facilities began to change and less costly, but also lower quality machine-made products began to appear. What to buy in Grand Bazaar: Carpets, jewellery, embroideries, hand-painted ceramics, spices and antiques - most of them are treasured souvenirs.

I actually did not buy any rugs (what they call carpet) here (but only because I spend all my money on traveling), but they offered me great prices and good company. Not including factory versions that have come into fashion within the last 10 years, traditional Turkish carpets still hold their own as a cultural item.
If you are a shopaholic, and are looking for national and international brands; then clothes shopping in Turkey is one thing you should not miss out on. Turkey is a mecca for shopaholics with its rich avenues filled with historical bazaars and souks interspersed with new-age markets.

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