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Money Exchange Brisbane City

Hai Ha Money Transfer provides currency exchange and international payment services for individual and business customers. If you live in the Brisbane area and are heading overseas, make sure you exchange your dollars for foreign currency before you go. We have some great products and offers in store depending on your travel can save time and money by pre-ordering your currency online and picking it up in the Brisbane City - Brisbane QLD store.
The moment you select your currencies and make your payment online, your exchange rate will be locked in. From there, you'll receive updates as foreign exchange hurstville your currency moves through our system and a postage tracking number so you can follow your money directly to your door by premium courier.

Apart from Australian banks, Atlas Currency Exchange is the only "born and bred" Australian company holding an Australian Financial Services Licence that can perform all foreign currency contracts, provide American Express Global Travel Cards, and fulfill Foreign Cash Currency Orders.
Whether you need to transfer money to Philippine banks via wire transfer, have your money delivered to your recipient's door or picked-up from the nearest remittance center, pay your bills payments in advance, or transfer funds to your offshore employees' bank accounts, Remit will take care of your transactions.
To get to grips with the different kinds of exchange rate you might hear about, see our Currency Jargon section. Travel cards: Using your credit card abroad means incurring a foreign currency conversion fee and overseas transaction charge. Many banks, including the large institutions listed below, offer currency exchange to their customers.

For example, Commonwealth Bank only charges 2%. Travelex Cash Passport is an exception to this rule, though, slugging wrong currency purchases a whopping 8.45% penalty fee. Purchase online to lock in our highest exchange rates. For more information on how exchange rates are set and applied, please see the Product Disclosure Statement.
Using the wholesale exchange rate, available online, means that both of you will usually get a better deal than if you went to a currency exchange service,” Ms Hassan said. We offer foreign currency cash in a large range of popular currencies. You can change dollars to rubles in an exchange office at the airport.

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