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Dui In Arizona

Statutory Rape carries with it some seriously dark connotations. An Attorney on The Arizona DUI Team was requested to be a Guest Author on a book entitled, A Cup of Coffee with 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States.” Upon this book being available on , it instantly became a Best Seller in the categories of Court Rules, Legal Rules & Procedures, and Law Books.
The attorneys at Mesa DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Law Firm are experts in exactly what those rules are and have a successful track record of hundreds of cases to prove it. However, it is also in your best interest to be familiar with the correct procedures and to know when the arresting officers are not acting in accordance with them.

The Bureau prosecutes crimes involving motor vehicle collisions and incidents in which drivers are found to be driving recklessly or driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication (DUI) as well as cases where drivers illegally flee the scene of injury accidents and collisions.
Unlike most other states, an individual can be convicted of DUI with any amount of alcohol in his blood (i.e. more than 0.00% blood alcohol content — BAC) if an officer observed other telltale signs of impairment, such as erratic driving, slurred speech, or inattention on the part of the driver when spoken to by the arresting officer.
Where our attorneys' areas of focus meet, we can offer services that few other law firms can match - such as custom tax plans that can save thousands of Felony Convictions Law Mesa dollars for couples going through a divorce, or dedicated representation in both criminal and family court for people accused of domestic violence.

These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Mesa misdemeanor DUI attorney, Mesa felony DWI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Mesa criminal defense attorney, and even Mesa license suspension hearing attorney.
Our DUI attorneys have represented thousands of clients charged with DUI and have the know-how to get your DUI charge dismissed or reduced.Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or serious felony offense, contact our criminal defense attorneys to schedule a confidential case evaluation.

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