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Both Medical and Retail Marijuana businesses intending to operate within city limits need to be licensed with the City of Aspen and the State of Colorado. The owner hired designers and branders to recreate a former Blockbuster, and the result is both sleek and smart: dark walls and woods emphasize the spotlights thrown on four color-coded stations, which each represent different strains—sleep, relief, relaxation, and stimulation—and explain their effects and chemical makeup.
Dispensary digital signage and touchscreen menus are just a couple examples of ways you can blend the physical and digital worlds and take your cannabis retail design to the next level. Sales of marijuana have overtaken alcohol in a city in Colorado , three years after the state became the first in the US to legalise recreational use of the drug.

Just like the tourists in Aspen come from all over the world, the cannabis pleasure and craze is widespread, and many of you will visit the dispensary to see what your favourite menu item is. Of Aspen's 12 retail sectors, the marijuana industry also enjoyed the biggest rate of growth last year.
Was my first time to visit a marijuana dispensary. But the industry marches on in Colorado, in spite of it being a cash-only business. CBD or Cannabidiol is the second most abundant component of most marijuana strains. This column also appears in The Aspen Times Katie Shapiro is a longtime cannabis-friendly Airbnb host.

Aspen's first and finest cannabis shop, offering the highest quality strains from our state of the art greenhouse, the widest selection of infused products, and premium accoutrements. Recreational marijuana dispensaries were considered legitimate operations in the town's Vitality Zone.
It is believed to be the first time legal marijuana sales have eclipsed those of alcohol anywhere in the US. A study by Georgia State University last year found alcohol sales had Dispensary open near me tumbled 15 per cent in US states where medical marijuana had been legalised. Six dispensaries in Colorado have been opened in a short time but are brimming with happy customers.
The Euflora dispensary has come to town, and this one is purely for cannabis. Keep up with strains, products, retailers, and news with Leafly's curated cannabis newsletter. And I thought about Lewis's long, strange trip to becoming the cannabis king of Aspen. Aspen has the highest pot shop density of any city in Colorado; there are six stores in the downtown core alone.

A pioneer in the industry since its inception, Native Roots has led the way to making cannabis comfortable for everyone. Keep up with new strains, products, trends, and deals with Leafly's curated cannabis newsletter. We are a social ecosystem to connect and inform consumers and producers in the legal medical and recreational cannabis industry.
Dispensary 33 takes an artful approach to its medical business, with splashy murals of the marijuana plant taking up much of its wall space and light-wood-and-glass display cases that present their product almost like a museum would. Located less than 5 minutes on foot from the base of Aspen Mountain Ski Resort, our Aspen marijuana dispensary is located in the heart of downtown.

Roots Rx is a recreational marijuana dispensary. Through years of horticultural breeding, strain hunting and genetics trading we have developed some of the most potent, dank cannabis strains in Aspen Colorado. New Retail Marijuana licenses will only be granted to existing Medical Marijuana businesses.

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