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Secure Your Organization with a Virtual CISO

As coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to impact the global economy in unprecedented ways, companies worldwide are facing difficult decisions with respect to their personnel. They are putting in place various cost-saving measures. One strategy might include downsizing by cutting off business lines considered as non-critical which may include cybersecurity operations. However, cybercriminals are not taking any breaks and we still need to keep the company secure.

One-way companies may have some cost saving is by not having a fulltime Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as part of their team. They can instead opt to using a virtual CISO. Virtual CISOs can step in and provide expert security advice and management that aligns with your business needs and budgetary constraints.

The virtual CISO service offers a range of transactional, analytical, and strategic services for engagement during high-volume periods, for special projects, and as a complement to in-house talent.

Services a virtual CISO can help provide are:

* Information security leadership and guidance
* IT security audit and assessment
* IT security strategy development, planning, and budgeting
* Governance and prioritization
* Developing processes and management controls
* Security project and program management
* Organizational development
* Minimizing the disruptive impacts of a security breach on organization and operations
* Security policy, process, and procedure development
* Leading, coaching, and mentoring your team
* Security training and awareness
* Risk assessment

Virtual CISO Can Help Drive Value in Your Business:

* Reduce operational costs and risk
* Enhance controls and compliance
* Reduce human capital costs, increase flexibility
* Increase access to skilled talent versed in cutting-edge applications
* Quickly implement new technologies for performance enhancement
* More vendor and module options
* Improved cash flow

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