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Automotive Paint

Protect your car's paint with one of these top products. This customer awarded TKS a turn-key contract for their new paint shop in Tennessee, including design, engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning for the building, paint spray booths , wet scrubber system, industrial oven , conveyor, robots, paint circulation and all paint systems and process equipment.
The clear coats applied to the plastic components like the bumpers and wing mirrors however are 2K systems since they can normally only accept temperatures paint system: case studies up to about 90 deg C. These 2 K systems are normally applied "off line" with the coated plastic parts fixed to the painted metallic body.

Again, however, these are often difficult conditions to simulate in a laboratory, as much of this corrosion results from salt or other chemicals sitting on the paint's surface for an extended period of time — all while coupled with extreme weather conditions, in many cases.
The process sequence of a car in a paint shop is multifaceted: from seam sealing and cavity corrosion prevention to wax cleaning. Larger repairs, or small projects such as painting a set of wheels, will require no more than a couple of spray cans. Other than vehicle repairs, Dupli-Color Perfect Match can also be used to completely cover smaller vehicle paint jobs such as car wheels or a motorcycle gas tank.

Whether using high-solids topcoats or waterborne products - the Glasurit RATIO Truck System is easy and quick to handle and very efficient. Dupli-Color has been in the automotive paint business for over 60 years, and in that time they've developed countless paint colors and have been known to perfectly match OEM factory paints.
The German paintshop supplier is also working with Chinese start-up car brand Byton, which has similar requirements to those of VinFast with a 20% reduction in footprint of its new paint facility and the use of the latest technologies. The booth allows you to try out new paints and equipment away from the stressful environment of your own bodyshop.

The primer function is integrated into the PZB basecoat - reducing time, space, and cost. In other words, the liquid portions of the paint evaporate, leaving the tinted resin, or color coat, behind. Ongoing development of paint shop products and processes optimizes energy consumption, improves quality and reduces unit costs.
Our chromate-free HS primer filler and HS clearcoat offered convincing results early on. A breakthrough was made with the launch of Glasurit 22 Line Topcoat for direct-gloss refinishing. Due to heavier body, these paints are harder for application. Some paints do not require all of this additional layering, and some paints are best matched with specific top coat products for maximum luster.
BASF says it has provided surface pre-treatment and all coatings layers for the ES8 high-performance electric SUV from Chinese EV manufacturer NIO. Provides the best base surface on heavily rusted metal for most brands of automotive lacquers and enamels. It protects the car from corrosion , especially the cavities of the body that cannot be reached easily by spray application.

The system provides a complete variety of color combinations that enables the user to obtain colors for different cars of all brands known in the world, through specially designed software. Perhaps not as rare as acrylic lacquers — but certainly not any more common than clear coats — you have plenty of specialty paints available.

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