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My Real Estate Investing Journey

I've been hearing from a lot of investors lately on the subject of FOCUS and it's importance to real estate investing. Led by Kris and Cody as the General Partners, our team is backed by a board of advisory seasoned with extensive experience investing throughout the US. As opportunistic investors, we acquire income producing assets that carry limited risk across various market conditions.
Lastly, the environment in which Dr Tait has generated significant returns has been 2009-2013 where we are really at a unique and unprecedented time in history - super low interest rates, limited credit and a significant upswing in property value as we come out of the housing market crash and subprime fiasco.

Investing through your SMSF may be an option, though keep in mind that super fund rules and regulations around profits, investments and taxation can be complicated and change frequently so this requires advice from a suitably qualified financial planner.
While developing hard skills,” like in-depth knowledge of the real estate field, contracts, financing, and others are an important part of investing success, there are also many soft skills” that real estate professionals like you need to reach your business and financial goals.

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to get started but thats where we come in. We've taken the guess work out of property investing and developed a structured and proven program that saves you hassle and time and can get you investing in property like a pro in just 6 weeks.
As well as opening up property investment to those without huge sums of money (or the time to look after tenants), the diverse bunch of new property investment platforms offer something for investors of diverse risk appetites рџ› For example, some platforms let risk-comfortable investors buy into individual properties.
But we can ask the question how many people became wealthy buying public market stocks where their actual investment gains made them wealthy, not their ability to save large amounts of money over time and place it into the public markets vs. those people that did it through real estate investing.

Secondly, I did not want to be a trader and have to be tied to the whims of the market with my wealth (cash flows), change in real estate markets are glacial, Detroit's decline was 20 years in the making, it's My Real Estate Investing Journey like a slow moving train, but if you are a student of history, after the great depression the public equity markets languished until WWII, 2000-2014 was a lost decade, that can absolutely happen again.
I've kicked around the idea of jumping into the real estate game and based on my fairly limited research, I concluded that the best things to invest in were lower income (relative to most around here) housing (mobile home parks are great, but so are the kinds of properties I think Dr. Tait is investing in) and hotels.

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