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Bulk Sms Nigeria

In today's world, we are in a communication and information transfer age. If you're sending messages to Nigeria, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind - most importantly the implementation of a DND (Do Not Disturb) feature for subscribers who do not want to receive unsolicited SMS messages and phone calls.
Send Bulk SMS messages to all networks in Nigeria and over 600 networks worldwide. Get critical messages out on time. The new age of device Bulk SMS Nigeria targeting has allowed marketers to reach mobile users via SMS with campaigns tailored specifically to a variety of interests and needs.

Bulk text messaging, popularly known as, Bulk SMS, Business SMS, Text message marketing or even SMS software, is a service that allows businesses of all categories to send a large volume of SMS messages to various mobile telephones through different mobile networks.
If you're searching for the best text message marketing service for your small business, you, like lots of other small business owners, probably feel overwhelmed with how many services there are, not to mention how many pricing plans there are, features, etc.
Compared to some of the relatively exorbitant expenditures that quickly erode marketing budgets often without a clear and inspiring ROI, a typical small business can plan and carry out an SMS marketing campaign for a fraction of the price tag that corresponds to other marketing efforts.
Registering and using MTN Bulk SMS service is simple, easy and seamless; making it the best choice for customers who want convenience, reliability and a flexible SMS delivery and payment solution. You can send to up to five people at one time. We can proudly say that we are the only ‘aggregator' that guarantees 99% delivery of all messages irrespective if they are DND effected.

With our delivery reporting system, you can always know the total number of people that receives any message (sms) you send. No other marketing tool can offer such high-efficiency rate that bulk SMS offers, making SMS marketing the most convenient and highly efficient means to deliver your business message to your existing customers and prospects.
This is why most of the businesses with international existence and connections are using bulk SMS in Nigeria strategy to market their products or services known to the high population in Nigeria. Text-to-landline: Text-to-landline lets you send and receive text messages through our business landline phone number with no changes to your voice service.

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