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Odessa Accident Attorneys

If you've experienced an oil field accident, call the injury and accident lawyers at FCHC today. Because the contract between your previous Odessa lawyer and you was most probably created by that attorney and you had nothing to do with the wording, Texas courts have strictly construed them against the attorney if any of the terms are is true both on the actual wording of the contract as well as the scope of authority granted in it. Any violations of contract can serve as a basis to sue.
However, if the initial settlement offers are not enough to adequately compensate you for your injuries and losses, The Garriga Law Firm can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf to get you a larger settlement or take your case all the way to trial, if necessary.

Whether you have been involved in a car crash caused by another driver in Odessa or another type of accident, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the legal process and pursue compensation for the physical, emotional and financial harm you have sustained.
Sutliff & Stout Injury & Accident Law Firm is ready to help you maximize compensation. When you are injured on the job, the insurance company will fight you for medical care and try to limit your income benefits. Contact us. We're ready to put our experience and resources to work for accident victims in Odessa.
Borland & Borland, Attorneys at Law, P.C. offers local assistance in Odessa, Texas. We have more than 20 years of experience serving clients throughout the Lubbock, TX, area and are accepting new clients now. We work tirelessly on your behalf to maximize your compensation, as we know accidents often cost far more than the insurance company may want you to believe.
Contact The Ashley Law Firm to schedule a meeting in which we can discuss how I might be able to assist you. Henry Injury Attorneys while adhering to the highest ethical truck accident lawyer standards of the legal profession. Silva Law Group helps workers in the Permian Basin who have been injured on the job to seek the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Assisting with Personal Injury issues in Odessa and across Texas. Juan Silva is a personal injury attorney specializing in oilfield injuries and protecting the rights of oilfield workers. We help these injured workers look out for their legal rights and demand the compensation that they need to look out for their best interests.
If you have suffered a personal injury in Odessa, Midland, TX, or the surrounding area, consider reaching out to our firm for legal support when you need it most. Finding the right accident lawyers will be worth it. Our lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and skill to ensure that you get the best deal after you file for a lawsuit.

Fighting for just compensation for your accident-related injuries and damages can be stressful and exhausting, but you are not alone. If you've been injured in an accident with a semi, you need to understand your legal rights, including retaining an experienced Odessa truck accident lawyer.
At The Herrera Law Firm, we understand that the aftermath of an accident can be devastating. We have pursued many personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits to trial earning The Garriga Law Firm a reputation for fighting aggressively on behalf of the people we represent.
General practice attorneys can set up a power of attorney, develop wills, provide legal advice, make appeals, and achieve settlements. With a specific focus on criminal and family law, our lawyers are able to offer unique insight and winning strategies. Our Texas injury lawyers are here for you.

The Odessa personal injury attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm have handled varied personal injury cases of all types. The Garriga Law Firm can often reach a settlement in your case without having to file a lawsuit. You can call us at (432) 653-0000 any time that is convenient for you - day or night - to schedule an initial consultation with a tenacious, compassionate Odessa truck accident lawyer.

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