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Adhesive Tapes

Packaging tapes come in many different forms and trying to ascertain the correct tape for the job can be a frustrating & complex process. We can offer advice on all aspects of the adhesive trade including Contact adhesives, Sprayable systems, Structural adhesives (epoxy, methacrylate, cyanoacrylic, thread-locks, etc), Sealants, Hot melt adhesives, Water based systems, Adhesive tapes, Polyurethane resins and many more.
If any of these substances are present on the surface of the material they will adhere to the tapes adhesive thereby reducing the tapes overall effectiveness. We have a adhesive tapes wide range of branded products available, no minimum order required. Formatting adhesive tape to ensure ease of handling and application within your production process.

At Clearance King, we offer parcel packing tapes, glue sticks, duct tape, masking tape and all-purpose clear tape at heavily discounted prices. Our adhesive tapes include tissue adhesive, magnetic and rubber as well as double sided foam tapes. We source exceptional materials from the world's most innovative manufacturers, as well as producing our own exclusive, premium products.
Since 1828, Shand Higson has been giving its customers quality products and great service at competitive prices. Are an adhesive tapes supplier in the UK, based in the midlands. The adhesives used in the tape have also evolved in recent years. Journal of the Royal Society in a paper entitled: "Staying sticky: contact self-cleaning of gecko-inspired adhesives".
In addition to the standard range of products we operate a tape conversion service and a custom tape printing service. Bruce Douglas Marketing Limited has now been marketing and distributing premium quality, branded, adhesive tapes now for over 40 years. In addition to the above we offer a tape slitting service for bespoke widths and have two state of the art machines.

Has not set up any any products or services, try giving them a call to find out more. We are now able to supply, ex stock, a wide variety of the most popular carton sealing tapes together with more specialised lines such as tin sealing, masking, strapping and technical tapes.
We're an independent, industry-leading specialist in tapes, foams and sealants, proud to have built a global footprint, a proven track record and a community of high-profile clients. Our 4000 series of adhesive tapes is our largest group of thin double-sided tapes and includes tissue, PVC, scrim and perm peel.
Our business is committed to providing our customers with a wide range of high performance products produced in our standard packaging or bespoke branding is also available. Self adhesive rubber feet pads help to make your products and displays non-slip, reducing the chance of breakages and accidents.

Based in North Lincolnshire, we operate from a purpose built factory supplying industrial adhesive tapes, adhesives, sealants, medical tapes and medical consumables to both national and international customers. We manufacture self-adhesive die cut shapes to customer drawings or exact specifications and convert our comprehensive range of tapes into disc form from 3mm diameter and upwards.
Thermally conductive adhesive tapes eliminate the need for external clamps and curing. Uki converts and stocks a diverse range of electrical grade adhesive tapes for the coil winding industry. Packaging tapes are in the main self adhesive and consist of a backing material known as the "carrier" and a layer of adhesive attached to one side.

As a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer represented in over 100 countries, it's our aim to build a strong bond with our customers which goes beyond simply selling you tape. Today, Shand Higson has developed into multi faceted packaging merchant, comprising of a technical adhesive tapes division, a general packaging materials division and a carton manufacturing facility.
Preston Technical Ltd has also formed a strong JV partnership in Bangalore, India with Image Labels - a market leader in graphic product conversion - which provides additional product and service capability to our customers. This range of adhesive tapes includes solvent acrylic, emulsion acrylic or hotmelt on both sides for each specific application.

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