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2019 Hardwood Flooring

Royal Oak Floors prides itself on providing innovative, original timber floor products unlike no other available in Australia. The colour of the wood fibre changes drastically as the ultrahigh temperature is introduced - the higher the temperature, the darker the change to colour of the fibre is. The colour change is permanent and penetrates the entire piece of hardwood, thus eliminating the need to stain flooring to achieve a rich dark coffee brown colour.
We have now used Sydney Flooring twice & have had excellent service both times. Since engineered boards are made of real wood you won't be able cheap timber flooring sydney to tell the difference from real wood. At Better Timber Flooring we produce the best possible results for our flooring project clients.

Engineered products are, of course, milled to regular sizes (although planks are supplied in mixed widths as befits the reclaimed approach), furthermore they make better use of these finite resources and are so stable they may even be fitted over underfloor heating.
The engineered timber boards which are used for flooring are specifically designed for that task, and offer many of the benefits of solid timber floors without many of the drawbacks. If you're looking for Royal Oak floors in Sydney or Melbourne, WOODCUT has everything you need - and then some.
This flooring method is often referred to as an engineered timber floor. Asad and the team were very helpful and provided great service and knowledge throughout the process of choosing timber for our deck. At WOODCUT, our engineered flooring in Sydney and Melbourne creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, whilst also giving your room that little bit of added luxury.

The majority of wood used comes from carefully selected locations and thankfully the days of timber being cut down with little concern about Australian forests have long since passed. We believe that truly excellent service requires that generations yet to come can experience the creativity, passion and beauty that only natural timber can provide.
The boards are pre-finished, which means that you can walk on your floor right after it's been installed, without having to wait hours for any coatings to dry. You can get flooring in a wide variety of sizes, strengths, layers (from 2 to 6mm), colours, finishes and substrates.

Sandro, Sarah and the team at Insight Flooring made the entire process easy and were great to work with. We have the largest variety of flooring, machinery and installation tools, floor care products, sanding products, sub-floor products and flooring accessories in Gold Coast, Northern NSW & Brisbane.
Owner and Founder of Better Timber Flooring. From day one, Precision Flooring understood the unique needs of it's target market, and as a result we have perfected innovative custom timber flooring solutions to a high degree of finesse and budget sensitivity. Featuring a 4mm solid oak wear layer with multi ply sub-layers.

You can buy most types of engineered wood flooring prestained, but you can also stain or restain the floor after its installation. If in doubt, look for the Janka rating, an impact test carried out on wood species to largely determine whether it is suitable for flooring.
For over two decades, Blackwattle Hardwood Floors has developed close working relationships with Australia's leading architects, interior designers and builders for custom-based installations. We supply, install, maintain and repair hardwood timber flooring.
Whether it is a wide board floor, recycled, parquetry or you are looking to rejuvenate old floorboards that have been neglected for years; we will offer you the best possible advice and service on which our reputation has been built. Wooden floors offer a timeless look that can be a great investment for your home or business.

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