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THE BEST 7 Foundation Repair In Colorado Springs, CO

We are a group of dedicated professionals specializing in foundation repair. Our local expertise gives us comprehensive knowledge of the geographic area and the geological and environmental background that impacts the way homes are built, how foundations should be handled for this climate and how to best repair when damage happens.
We offer a variety of structural repairs and foundation repair for both residential and commercial buildings. Home Repair and Maintenance Pros is a local Colorado Springs company established in 2014 from a parent Foundation Repair company that is also local to the area. It is important to have an insurance policy that covers flood damage in areas that are prone to flooding because flood damage repairs can often be quite costly.

A crawlspace installation is just another form of foundation that we bring our expertise to. We understand the level of importance that this installation plays within your property and look to provide you with the most capable services that have the ability to address any issues suffered.
Because it is such a critical area of the building, it's desirable to consult a structural engineer to aid in designing it. When you select us to restore your foundation, we will assess the matter at hand and create the perfect plan for suitable repair.

Our team includes a Structural Engineer on staff, available to provide you with a free, no-obligation foundation assessment and custom repair plan. It's not uncommon for many Colorado Springs homeowners to find water in the basement. As a family-owned franchise, Eric Jocz helped run the business starting in 2002 and grew the business to over 27,000 successful concrete leveling and repair projects.
It's also critical to have an experienced contractor like A-1 Concrete Leveling to repair any uneven issues. Foundation and structural repair solutions. CST Stabilization offers engineering services to ensure that your foundation repair solution is appropriately designed for your particular foundation issues.
Stone, brick, block or poured basement walls and floors can be waterproofed with our quality basement waterproofing products and workmanship. We understand that the soil environment in Colorado is different than other places in the country and have extensive knowledge on how that impacts structural and foundation repair.

Lifting concrete slabs in Colorado Springs, with a limestone grout slurry creates a rock-solid sub-surface—effectively creating a new, stable base. You should look for a contractor specialized in foundation repair in Colorado Springs with no delay. With Liftech, you'll get effective and industry-leading foundation repairs, excellent customer service, and the option for special financing plans so you can have peace of mind.
I could write 5 pages about everything they did right as a company when I had an incident after they did some work for me. They worked with me the whole time and being in the customer service industry, it really stood out. A foundation crack repair in Colorado Springs usually takes a week to complete.

The primary goal of our professional Colorado Springs basement waterproofing contractors remains simple: to keep your basement dry by eliminating basement water problems. This can lead to some severe foundation problems for residents of Colorado Springs, the second most populous city in the state of Colorado.
Our affordable basement repairs are easily made and help improve the value of your home. Due to Colorado's expansive soil, the presence of granite, and sudden changes in weather, buildings that may have otherwise been deemed structurally sound can encounter unexpected problems.

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