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Dentist Ontario

Dr. Charles Zhang is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario's Faculty of Dentistry. I have to confess that, because of the ambiance and professionalism of this office, visiting the dentist is actually an uplifting experience for me. From the time you open the door, the dynamic, hilarious, and helpful Shazeeda, at the front desk,helps to put patients at ease.
A caring attitude is very important to us because we want all of our patients, even the children, to feel relaxed and comfortable while they are with us. We take extra pride in making sure we never begin dental exams or any other procedures for you until we have answered all of your questions to your satisfaction.

At our clinic, we offer periodontal treatment (gum surgery) and wisdom teeth removal ( oral surgery ). Our general dentistry covers oral examination, periodontal examination, tooth examination, oral cancer examination, dental cleaning, digital x-ray, pediatric dentistry, biting, chewing and grinding check.
Dr. Kwek graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto in 1997. My experience was very good, Dr Anushri is very friendly and explained everything for me. I really appreciated that. Most insurance plans cover up to 80% of general dentistry, oral hygiene, and emergency services.

Saving on dental costs: Most dental clinics and dentists in Canada can charge whatever they want for their dental services. Some community dental programs have dental services that are free or less expensive than regular dentists. The Ontario Works adult dental emergency program covers basic treatment for dental problems that are considered an emergency.
Dr. C. Sharma (BDS, DDS) graduated from reputed New York University College Of Dentistry. Dr. Ilitoi & her husband made the move to Kitchener, Ontario in 2008 where she achieved her degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery and they began to expand their family. Through our highly accessible clinic, you will be brought into the care of staff that are both current and experienced.

There's nothing nicer than getting the impression that you're dealing with people who genuinely care for and like what they're doing, and this extended to the medical staff as well, Dr. Pike included. When it comes to choosing a dentist that has it all, and a commitment to kindness and caring, as well, you will be delighted with Kitchener East Family Dental.
Come and visit our state of the art dental office in Kitchener (Right near St. Mary's Hospital). For more information about Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry in Waterloo please contact the clinic. Passion for dentistry and dedication to the highest standard of care. Our individualized, high-tech approach to dentistry makes Dr. Jitendra Gangwani and the Kitchener East Family Dental staff the dentistry team of choice in the Kitchener, ON area.

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