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An Introduction To Reverse Circulation Drilling

Owing to the soil profiles in most of Vietnam's projected site, Reverse Circulation Drill Method is considered to be the most suitable and economical construction method for the pile construction. Compared to manual systems, the automatic system reduces response times to influxes or losses, minimizes the size of influxes from barrels to gallons, optimizes circulation rates out of the wellbore and increases the speed of the total drilling program.
Utilized as a first line of defense in pressure-control, the Iron Horse Tools RCD provides drillers with a device that has been tested far past casing oscillator method the rigors of normal drilling pressure conditions. When total losses occurred, the drilling mode was switched to pressurized mud-cap drilling.

Follow the instructions given above for either "Drilling Small Diameter Holes (10mm or Smaller) with Diamond Cores" or "Drilling Small Diameter Holes (10mm or Smaller) with Carbide Bits", depending on whether you are using diamond cores or carbide drill bits.
Our model GPS-15 drilling rig is applied on large diameter cast-in-situ piling with reinforced-concrete for high-rise building, harbor, dam, bridge, and can also drill large diameter hole of water well and engineering main models include GPS10,GPS15,GPS18 and GPS20, etc.
The installation of a few minor components in the MPD riser stack and rig surface equipment, enabled the rig to rapidly transition from open to atmosphere with RGH” to full MPD capability thus providing a step change in the rig's capabilities - a transition process that saved 12-14 months rig up time.

A typical land-based MPD operation might represent 10-20% of the overall well cost, he says - at the lower end if it is not implemented through the entire well section, and also depending on whether it is a directional or straight hole, and using oil or water-based fluids.
The application aboard a submersible rig was aimed at drilling Malaysian carbonate formations where high fluid loss was a problem. This equipment is used for drilling a borehole through soft and hard rock layers for foundation construction. However, it was not uncommon to be drilling in up to 60 feet (20 m) deep of water since the drill site was located in the ocean.
From a structural analysis point of view, a drilling riser is a vertical cable, under the action of currents. RCDs create a closed-loop environment to contain and divert fluids and to enable wellbore pressure management. This is not the case with snub drilling equipment since there is no heavy substructure and mast involved in snub drilling.

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