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Streaming has blown up over the past couple of years thanks to services like offering gamers the equivalent of cable TV for video games. Twitch has a paid option known as Twitch Turbo This $9 (about £7, AU$12) option removes ads from streams you watch, offers extended chat options like custom colors and emoticons, and provides a badge overlay for your streams to let everyone know you're a Turbo member.
Applicants for the Twitch Partner Program are considered on a case-by-case basis, with a focus on average concurrent viewership figures and a regular broadcasting schedule They also need to complete the ‘Path to Partner' achievement, which involves streaming for 25 hours over 12 unique days over a 30-day period, during which their viewership must average 75.

As the broadcast evolves, East Side Games has plans to give players live insight into the development of in-game art, preview unreleased titles, and even potentially work with fans on groundbreaking live design” that incorporates input from the community to create crowdsourced content.
For example, if a video ad has a cost per 1000 impressions of $10, then the streamer will receive around $5 for every 1000 viewers who watch it. These ads can be shown at regular intervals to viewers, meaning they can be shown several times per hour.

As StreamElements CEO Doron Nir wrote in an email, that reflects the popularity of the livestreaming medium now that people are consuming higher volumes of entertainment at home.” Translation: because we all have to stay inside now to flatten the coronavirus's infection curve, everyone is watching streams.
In December 2016, Twitch expanded to allow non-gaming streams — mostly vlogs — on Twitch And while the roll-out and subsequent support had its fair share of misteps and controversies , live, non-gaming content has helped Twitch give it a leg up against its live-content rival Google's YouTube ( $NASDAQ:GOOG ).

Twitch prides itself on an interactive community which is why it has spent the last few years expanding it's content and promoting its chat and live streamer support features including Twitch bits, that act as virtual currency and allows users to tip their favorite streamers.
Auronplay (Raúl Álvarez Genes) and ibai (Ibai Llanos) are the only individual streamers to feature in the overall top-10, which is other dominated by esports channels and events, and topped by the annual Game Awards, which take place in December and were watched by an average 157,357 concurrent viewers.

We can still see where he ranks in the Twitch pantheon by using Twitch Stats' measure of the most-viewed Twitch channel, which is to look at average concurrent viewers over the last 15 streams made, regardless of when they were broadcast (thus not necessarily the most current figures).

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