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Paneles Solares

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With the calculations made on the gain index, it can be observed that the average value obtained for fixed installations with an inclination angle equal to the latitude of the site is superior to the values registered in the paneles solares bogota literature, which shows the possibility of designing and developing trackers with higher solar gain, lowering manufacturing costs and lowering consumption rates as a way of using them in low-power photovoltaic generators.

In the case of the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, Colombia, the commitment to solar panels provides a positive message for society, as it is the largest solar energy project in airports in Latin America. More and more are the companies, which, to make better use of their resources, are betting on implementing renewable energy sources such as solar, in order to be more sustainable and more efficient in the management of their businesses.
In short, adjusting the tilt twice a year gives you a meaningful boost in energy. The use of solar trackers represents an alternative to improve efficiency during the exploitation of solar energy 4 , 5 This mechanism ensures that the light with maximum intensity will be falling on the solar panel throughout the day.
Tax accompaniment and support before the UPME and ANLA with the tax benefits to which you are entitled (Law 1715) for implementing projects with renewable sources. Description: The project entails the construction, operation and maintenance of a solar plant, to be built on an area of 7.17ha, which will supply power to the assembly plant of BMW San Luis Potosí in the Logistik development industrial park.

The turquoise line shows the amount of solar energy you would get each day if the panel is fixed at the full year angle. This investigation proposed a group of techno-economic indexes (average gain, comparative efficiency and profitability) as a first stage in the contribution to the decision-making process on the suitability, or lack thereof, to use a solar tracker.
The angle is fine-tuned to gather the most total energy throughout the day. It is simplest to mount your solar panels at a fixed tilt and just leave them there. The monocrystalline panels are formed by cells that, in average, reach a 17% over the level of efficiency.

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