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Cleaning Services

With over a quarter of a century of experience in providing exceptional cleaning, property management and waste removal services throughout NSW, we have the expertise to get your job done. To give you further peace of mind, Cleancorp are 3 x ISO Certified for Quality, Environmental Management, Safety plus Social Responsibility - so you can be confident knowing that you're working with the highest rated cleaning business in Australia - no shortcuts on safety, quality, environmental management AND, no endless stream of unhappy international students cleaning your business for pennies - being certified for Social Responsibility means our Cleaners and Team Members are professional cleaners who get paid correctly and take pride in their work for you.
Professional cleaning company these days aren't just to help your cleaning needs but they offer you wide range of other services in your local area and covering all over Sydney with House Cleaning , End Of lease Cleaning , Bond Cleaning , Office Commercial Cleaning Cleaning , Window Cleaning , Commercial Cleaning , Unit Cleaning , Home Cleaning , Kitchen Cleaning , Carpet Cleaning , Rug Cleaning , Spring Cleaning , Unit Cleaning , Oven Cleaning , Builders Clean , and many more at your service.

Along with the basic cleaning of your office, which will always be done to the highest standards possible, we also provide deep cleaning services to ensure that your office space is as clean as can be. Our use of green and environmentally friendly cleaning agents means that your office will be free from harsh and potentially irritating chemicals, while being as clean and fresh as is humanly possible.
As the industry is turning to more sustainable cleaning supplies & solutions we have also launched a range of GECA certified products under our Enviroplus brand that provides a toxic free, plant-based organically powered cleaning solution for cleaners.

More than just a reseller we are of a house of brands which is continually investing in innovative new cleaning solutions and partnering with global players in the industry to ensure that Australia stays at the forefront of sustainable cleaning practices and solutions.
We now realize that we are more than just a supplier of cleaning and hygiene products, we have actually been empowering Cleaners and by extension the whole community for decades through innovative cleaning equipment, expert cleaning advice and investment in sustainable cleaning solutions & Cleaning Supplies Australia.
Not to forget, all our services are certified and according to the industry standards. We have a lower number of clients per Client Services Manager compared to the industry standard so we're able to deliver on that promise. Regular cleaning throughout commercial and residential construction keeps your site safe at all times.

If you're on the lookout for commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne, Sydney , Brisbane , Perth and beyond, choose One Planet Cleaning. Moreover, cleaning of a home is directly related with the health of your family and Choice 7brothers is experienced enough to deliver you satisfying cleaning result ensuring healthy family.

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