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Definition Of Rotating Head

A managed pressure drilling system, used in conjunction with a continuous circulating device to control wellbore pressure, helped an international E&P company successfully drill a difficult section of an deepwater exploration well in Ghana, West Africa, in 2012. In the view of Derrick Lewis, global operations manager at Halliburton business line Geobalance Measured Pressured Drilling Service, MPD offers considerable benefits in terms of an additional barrier with the RCD, the ability to mitigate lost circulation and well-control incidents, and the ability to tell if the well is taking an influx or ballooning, as well as an increase in rate of penetration (ROP), which is generally experienced with MPD.
Our vision is to be on- and offshore equipments' most customer and project centric company; to build a platform where organisations in the marine industry rcd drilling can come to find and discover any equipment they may need to successfully run, complete and expand their maritime operations and projects.

In this position, he worked offshore for Shell, Exxon, Chevron, BP, Marathon, Phillips Petroleum, and the Hill Corporation on Auger platforms, Bullwinkle platforms, and jack-up rigs in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, the North Sea, Malaysia, and Iraq.
Combined, all MPD riser stack components should be automatically controlled by a central intelligent control unit responding to the unique wellbore signals being monitored, including return flow, to enable immediate detection of changes in fluid flow.

Rcd is the rotary circulating device which is used in underbalanced drilling( when bottom hole circulation pressure is lower than formation pressure being drilled) which allows drill string reciprocating and rotary motion in the closed BOP situation.
Manipulation of the MPD choke manifold leads to changes in annular backpressure at the surface, which immediately increases or decreases downhole wellbore pressure. Derrick Lewis, Halliburton's global operations manager, GeoBalance Measured Pressured Drilling Service, understands the technology well.
Additional equipment installed in the riser below the RCD included an annular preventer, or riser annular, and a flow spool, which enables the RCD sealing elements to be changed while circulation keeps pressure on the well. We have equipment capable of drilling in excess of 300 feet deep and up to 15 feet in diameter.

Detection during pressure set-point changes in MPD operations. This equipment is used for drilling a borehole through soft and hard rock layers for the construction of foundation. Prior MPD operations aboard floating vessels have been configured with a surface RCD above the water line and the tension ring.
It is a very cost effective method in drilling a deep and large diameter bore holes to fit the requirement of the industry. A key enabler for any MPD system, whether on land or offshore, is the RCD, used in a mud-return system to contain annular fluids while drilling.

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