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United Rack Solutions

United Rack Solutions are exceptionally perceived for industry-driving bed racking and material dealing with solutions supplier. However, despite these advertising expenditures, it was discovered that the only completely effective way of impressing the customer with these facts was to have the customer entrance to the facility located in close proximity Used Pallet Racks Pottstown to the customer pickup dock where he could see previous customers picking up the merchandise they had just purchased and have the customer entrance open directly into the warehouse area where the customer could actually see the merchandise just purchased being removed from the warehouse storage racks and taken to the customer pickup dock.
Although the warehouse-showroom facilities described above operate with a high degree of efficiency, it would be desirable, in view of land and construction costs, to reduce the overall area occupied by the facility and reduce the cost and complexity of the building and equipment.

Display Fixtures We Will Find At Our Auctions, Are As Followed: Display Tables, H-Frame Displays, Tier Tables, Grid Racks, Hosiery Gondola, Shoe Gondola, Greeting Card Displays, Sunglass Towers, Glass Cubes, Mannequins, Counter Top Jewelry Spinners., and Glass Showcases.
Merchandise delivered in railroad cars 25 on the siding 11 or by truck to the loading dock 12 is moved across the rear of the building on the platform 26 into the appropriate access aisle 22 and along the aisle 22 to the appropriate point for storing that particular type of furniture on the storage floors 23. After a particular item of furniture has been purchased, it is removed from its storage position on the storage floors 23, deliv ered to the open area 24 at the front of the building, and out of the building onto the customer loading dock 16 or the delivery truck loading dock 20.

The retail showroom units 21 are spaced to provide warehouse access aisles 22. Storage floors 23 are located above each of the showroom units 21, defining warehouse storage spaces between the floors which open onto and are accessible from the warehouse aisles 22. An open area 24 extends across the front end of the building, providing access to each of the showroom units 21 by a customer entering the doors l5.
Distribution Center- Facility that is usually smaller than a firm's main warehouse and is used for receipt, temporary storage, and redistribution of goods according to the customer orders as they are received. Yet another object of the invention is to provide a combination showroom-warehouse retail sales facility which is more quickly erected from standardized cornponents.

Distributor of pallet racks. As a privately-owned material handling and storage system distributor and pallet rack installer, Greystone Equipment Company has been providing businesses with exceptional products and incomparable customer service for more than 25 years.
Manufacturer of standard & custom racks including electronic racks, pallet racks & storage racks. Bidder's Choice (Buyers Choice)- Is the method of sale whereby the successful high bidder wins the right to choose a property or properties from a grouping of similar or like-kind properties.

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