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‎Ascension Of The Earth Into The Fifth Dimension

THE TWELVE ETHERIC CRYSTALS CONTIAN POWERFUL FIFTH-DIMENSIONAL MAGNETIC ENERGY. I have yet to read or hear of any channelled messages in which those who will not ascend here on Earth will recognise in their present lifetimes the contribution they have unknowingly been making - unknowingly, that is, at a conscious level, until now, and will be able to enjoy the fruits of their contribution.
Whoever controls the Mind controls the body, mind and Soul Alien Implants are used to Mind Control the masses to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape anti-human value Spiritualität systems which are used to condition humanity to accept spiritual abuse from the Negative Aliens and to self enforce their thought systems of hierarchical enslavement and fear.

But we are taking the Ones going to other places first, and then the other of the Earth's future one billion will be brought to the Motherships at intervals during the Major Stasis period, and they must awaken on board ship, due to the conditions on the Planet at that time.
As the incarnated soul of each and every human being, living on earth in the current End Times, has gone through numerous moments of darkness - either as a victim or a perpetrator - these dark memories and negative karma must be now cleansed once and for all, before the entity can ascend.

As all past and future incarnations exist simultaneously in the Now” of the higher, multidimensional realms and are energetically closely linked with the present incarnated entity on earth, his duty is to go through all negative memories that are stored in his DNA, as well as in his emotional and mental bodies and cleanse them in a conscious manner.
Those brought up to them will be looking forward to their ultimate return to a rejuvenated and cleansed Fourth Dimensional Planet Earth, with a new life ahead of them, but now there be time for training and preparation for the tasks ahead for co-creating with the help of the Galactic Federation Forces back down on the New Earth.

There is also one very important factor, or rather, a fact which should not be overlooked the Bulgarian people, state and church were never steeped in the xenophobia (fear of or irresponsiveness to anything foreign) that was customary in some other communities, nor were they blinkered by the dogmas of their own beliefs and values.

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