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Fukuoka Japan Hair Salons

We are proud supporters of hair salon, esthetic spa and nail salon owners. The staff, however, has experience with a wide range of hair types, and will help you find the best treatment for your hair, whether you would like to cut, style or perm it. And remember that not all Japanese customers come in with straight and silky hair; it isn't unusual for the staff to deal with a wide array of textures.
The second branch of ‘', located next to concept is Made in Japan” and shares a space with our shop ‘SHOP030'.The hair salon is like a white-cube art gallery, hanging mirrors like offer you a stylish hairstyle as well as a comfortable Japanese style staff, cultivated their skills in London, Tokyo and Berlin, creates a hairstyle suits you best.

Profile for exhibit includes Skin & Facial care, Body care, Nail care & art, Perfumes, Aromatherapy, Foot care, Relaxation & Healing, Cosmetics products, Make-up cases, Hair care products - Shampoo & Conditioner, Color, Perm, Hair styling 早良区 カット products, Hair-loss-prevention products, Salon furniture & interior, Disposable items, Mirror, Shower equipment, Health and fitness machine, Beauty equipment, Slimming equipment, SPA products, Body shapers, Foundations, Fashion jewelry.

We would like you to feel Japanese service quality and enjoy your special day in Japan. Men wear a kimono of the same kind, with a subdued obi and a black-and-white or black-and-grey striped hakama, worn with black or white zōri. So, foreigners who come over to our salons want to experience the Japanese hair salon itself, it seems.
According to folk etymology, the headwear is worn to hide the bride's horns of jealousy and selfishness; however, this headdress was originally a simpler cap worn to keep the dirt and dust off a woman's hairstyle when travelling. 14 Kimono are also worn on special occasions such as coming of age ceremonies and many other traditional Japanese events.

Hot Pepper Beauty is a coupon magazine (available in print and online) filled with the latest deals and information on local hair, nail and eyelash extension salons. The food is based on Japanese-pub Izakaya” style and is tasty for people all over the world.
Sam's Nail is found on the sixth floor of the JINS (glasses store) building across from H&M on Nishi-dori, just a short walk from Tenjinminani or Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Stations. All staffs are Japanese so we can say with real confidence that you will have a great services with nice care and consideration that only Japanese can find.

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