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Migraine Relief Dietary Guildelines

The importance of a vestibular migraine diet is paramount to avoid the suffering caused by eating and drinking foods which will cause headaches and migraines. To be more precise, there were significant relationships between headaches and the frequency of consumption of red meat (p = 0.01), white meat (p = 0.002), cereals (p = 0.0005), vegetables (p = 0.009), fruits (p = 0.0005), salad dressing (p = 0.03), and eggs (p = 0.001).
However it is not recommended that you eliminate all possible food triggers from your diet at the same time, simply because trying to adhere to such a restrictive diet would be nigh-on impossible with the vast number of potential triggers that exist.

If your diary suggests a certain food is triggering your migraine, keep a diary for long enough to record at least three attacks, then completely abolish that food from your diet for as long as it took to have those three (or more) attacks, and see if there is a change in the migraine.
These migraine diet treatments avoid most prominently banana as well as beef, pork, beer, cheese (especially yellow ripened cheese), chicken, liver, eggplant, fish, shellfish, processed meat such as salami, sauerkraut, tempeh, tofu, miso, tamari, spinach, strawberry, tomato, tomato sauce, tomato paste, wine, yeast and foods containing yeast, pineapple, citrus fruit and chocolate.
Here's what I did that essentially eliminated migraines (they dropped to maybe one a year after I turned down the heat on carbohydrates, neck, stress, sleep apnea, etc, etc): I unrelentingly pursued every avenue I could find … biofeedback, yoga, meditation, diet, exercise, chiropractic, psychiatry, psychology, pain specialists, accupuncture, and probably every medication that pharma has dreamed up over the past 40 years.

In addition to changing the body's fuel production process, the ketogenic diet and forces the body to work more efficiently, with less oxidative stress on cells (brought on by free radicals ). It also cuts down on sterile inflammation - a potentially harmful type of inflammation that's been linked to migraines.
What to avoid—Coffee, tea, coffee substitutes, hot chocolate, colas, orange soda, lemon lime soda, mountain Dew, any diet soda containing aspartame or saccharin, Barq's Rootbeer, (they add caffeine to it), chocolate milk, wine, champagne, beer, heavy alcoholic drinks.

A PubMed search was performed with the following search terms: monosodium glutamate,” caffeine,” aspartame,” sucralose,” histamine intolerance syndrome,” tyramine,” alcohol,” chocolate,” nitrites,” IgG elimination diets,” and gluten.” Each of these search terms was then cross‐referenced with headache” and migraine” to identify relevant studies.
The International Headache Society have set out specific diagnostic criteria for all the different headache types3 including migraine (see Box 1). This criteria has been extremely useful in conducting research studies and helping clinicians diagnose patients.

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