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Bath Chip Repair

We can do invisible repairs on baths, shower trays and sinks. Damage Doctor is†constantly being recommended within the construction industry not just because our technicians complete repairs that are some of the best in the business, but because we go the extra mile to book the work, plan visits that compliment site requirements, or suit the owners needs for when they are available.
Surface re-polishing - Once the chip repairs have been completed, an older installation can be brought back to its best with a full surface re-polish, and many of our bathroom installer clients also opt for a re-polish so they can hand over the new bathroom to their customer looking the best it possibly can.

Our team is fully equipped to repair chips and scratches in baths providing the area is accessible to the technician to work. Full bath re-enamelling brings old, scratched, chipped and dull baths back to life, so they look as good as new. For example a normal cost for renovating a bathroom ranges from £2000 to £5000 and will usually take one and a half to two weeks to complete.
If your bath or other fixture is otherwise like new but has chips, out of the original surface, these can be repaired. Caravans and Mobile homes need to be built with lightweight materials to ensure they are fit for purpose, unfortunately this means that they are more susceptible to damage which can be particularly tricky to repair and get restored.

Plastic bath tubs repaired situ on site or in your home at a time that suits you, depending on how bad the damage is it usually takes on average between 2-3 hours to complete the process. A first class job with our bath on Tuesday - causing no disturbance, leaving the bathroom immaculate and the bath in-pristine condition.
Hiring someone will ensure you don't cause water damage during your repairs. From minor cosmetic repairs to bringing an old bath back to life, we can restore any suite. Many people make the mistake of spending a lot of money replacing the bath when it makes much more financial sense to get the chip repaired.
At bath restore we specialise in bath re-enamelling and repairs. In essence, most of the work done to resurface a bath is in preparation and ensuring the use of the correct materials manufactured for the purpose. Shower trays lose their shine overtime and can develop surface cracks.

After surface repairs man fix chip in a bath it looks like new. In some of the very old cast-iron baths, and coloured baths being resurfaced white. We can re-enamel any bathtub in London and surrounding counties. Damage to baths, sinks, toilets and shower trays such as chips and cracks are very unsightly and can be the source of harmful bacteria.
We offer a nationwide bath resurfacing and bath repair service. 2) If there is any damage to metal or factory enamel, like chips, rusty holes, cracks, water caused surface imperfections, we repaire them prior to resurfacing. For full resurfacing, please upload an overview picture of the bath, sink or shower tray.

Costs vary per item and depend on the nature of the damage, the colour, the extent or quantity of chips, the number of items that need to be repaired, where you are and the composition of the damaged surface. For ease and convenience you can send us a photograph of the damaged item and we will respond with a quotation and availability to complete your repair or restoration.
Therefore if its a dent to a worktop or tile refurbishment our team are able to help a person here at London Bath Repair© London. Copyright © 2019 BathResurfacing.London All Rights Reserved. We can completely resurface worn or damaged pressed steel, cast iron, plastic and fiberglass baths along with shower trays and sinks.
It includes everything you need to remove marks from baths, repair chips in shower trays and for giving them a thorough clean afterwards so save yourself a fortune and bathtub repair try repairing it first. Cracks to a plastic bath tub are drilled at the ends of the cracks to avoid the damage progressing any further through the molded plastic.

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