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Engine's Spare Parts

January 29, 2005 Global automotive technology developer Prodrive has developed an exciting vehicle concept that can best be described as a four wheel motorcycle. However long before Angara had a chance to fly, GKNPTs Khrunichev won a naro rocket engine contract to build a launch vehicle for South Korea Since the rocket's first stage was based on the URM-1 module equipped with RD-191, NPO Energomash also built a version of the engine designated RD-151 for the South Korean rocket.
2. In a motor vehicle having a rear body portion with a compartment for the engine, mudguards for the rear Wheels extending laterally from the sides of said rear body portion, a radiator arranged Within each mudguard directly in front of each rear wheel, the portion of the mudguards in front of the radiator being provided with shutter-like openings for the inlet of air, a partition within said mudguards directly behind said radiators and in front of said rear wheels, and pipe lines connecting said radiators with the engine compartment to permit a circulation of the engine cooling water through said radiators.

South Korea had not been interested in developing space industry than the other science-related fields such as Chemistry, and IT. However, after this successful experiment, many people hope them to give more interest in the space industry, and expect South Korea to be strong at the space industry.
But the significance of the 2013 launch was widely discounted, as the launch vehicle had to rely on a Russia-developed engine for its first stage. The KSLV-2 is planned to be sent into space in 2021 and used in moon exploration and to launch observational satellites.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) " South Korea has launched a single-stage rocket to test a locally made engine as part of efforts to place a satellite into orbit. At the time, the manufacturer had already supplied an engine for the firing tests of the entire rocket stage and promised to supply first six flight-ready engines in 2010 for actual test launches of the Angara rocket.

However, the impact of the 2013 launch was widely discounted because the launch vehicle had to depend on a Russian-developed engine for its first stage. Video footage showed the single-stage rocket, propelled by a liquid fuel engine, lift off from the Naro Space Centre on the southern coast and surge into the sky, trailing yellow and blue flames.
The single-stage rocket, with a 75-ton thrust engine, developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) is set to be launched between Oct. The engine is considered a core technology behind the KSLV-2, which would make South Korea the seventh country in the world to build a space launch vehicle with homegrown technology.
The government said it is pushing forward a plan to build a space rocket center near the center by 2025 by injecting 36 billion won (US$32 million). The rocket is expected to splash down in the sea separating South Korea's Jeju Island and Japan's Okinawa Island.

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