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The Ultimate Guide To Amalfi Coast

With a 2007 population of 17,000, Sorrento is a small city in southern Italy on its own peninsula jutting into the Bay of Naples. From Positano, you can visit other towns by bus or ferries that leave from its port for the islands and the town of Sorrento or take a guided day trip Built on the face of a cliff, Positano is one of the most picturesque and luxurious towns on the coast.
Considered the most picturesque of the region's towns, you won't believe your eyes when you arrive in Positano, More than just a gorgeous town, you'll also find the hottest bars, trendiest clubs, sorrento tourist guide and most stylish restaurants on the Amalfi Coast. Some towns are more difficult to reach than others so if you plan to take several day trips, consider staying in or near Amalfi or Positano.

Sorrento is a great town for shopping - the tiny streets just off Piazza Tasso are full of small stores and stalls selling all kinds of local products, from enormous fruit and vegetables to artisan gelato - but one of the most common sights you'll see is a workshop selling the wooden boxes that the town is so well known for.
Part of this rustic eatery, including the kitchen, nestles in cave-like hollows carved out of the rock face, whilst meals are served on a beautiful sunny terrace with spectacular views of Campanella point, the Amalfi coast, the Galli islands, and, on a clear day, the distant coastline of Salerno and Calabria.
Stay here if: You want to ease into your Amalfi Coast experience; you want to stay somewhere where most everyone speaks English; you want a strategic location for easy travel and day trips within the region; you don't have a lot of time on the coast; you want a mix between new world conveniences and traditional atmospheres; you want to day-trip from Naples or to Pompeii; you don't mind the crowds.

Headquartered in Amalfi, Coop Sant'Andrea (a consortium which includes Travelmar, Alicost and Linee Marittime Partenopee) operates ferry service from Salerno to Amalfi, Amalfi to Salerno, Amalfi to Positano, Positano to Amalfi, Positano to Salerno, Salerno to Positano and connections in summer between Amalfi-Minori-Maiori.
Beyond the cultural attractions and sea and nature in all their charm, Capri also offers good shopping: tasteful boutiques and artisans' studios selling Made in Italy” items and typical products alternate along the characteristic sidestreets and alleyways.
If you're looking to experience all the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, without the expensive price tag, buckle up because we're about to dish out all the budget travel hacks that will leave both your heart and your wallet as giddy as a toddler with a lollipop.
Staying above Conca dei Marini at Solaria , a family-run B&B, and using it as a base to visit the rest of the coast was a great decision because it exceeded our expectations and allowed us to retreat to a quiet sanctuary after dealing with the crowds during the day.

One of the world's most famous road trips, the Amalfi Drive (aka SS163) is also arguably the most beautiful 48 kilometers of coastline in Italy, and certainly high on the list of Italy's top tourist attractions Carved into cliffs that are already cut by deep ravines, the road clings high above the Tyrrhenian Sea in a series of breathtaking views and curves bounded by almost vertical mountains rising on one side and long vertical drops on the other.
Vietri has a tradition that dates back to Roman times, which is documented in the small but well laid-out Museo della Ceramica Vietrese, in the tower of the Villa Guariglia in Raito, just off the Amalfi road (open 9am-1pm and 3pm-6pm; closed Mondays).
Imagine life here in the days of Caesar (retain these images as you visit Pompeii) with streetside shop fronts that close up to form private homes after dark. Sorrento is a small town wonderfully located over white steep cliffs and offers a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples.

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