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Increased Data Privacy Regulation

If your organization is collecting, analyzing or sharing personal data, you are facing data privacy challenges that put it at risk. 
Nowadays one of the foremost concerns for any organization or an individual is privacy. Not just privacy but also the protection of personal information includes too. It is one of the conditions that all organizations and individuals have in the spotlight. Increased data privacy regulation is getting complex each day. It is getting messier and more perplex to control. When we think about the big company's websites or apps we use, we see how many times we have agreed to yes. Without even reading a statement we scroll and agree to terms and conditions. We agree to different conditions to make a free account or for any other purpose. Most of the time we also give our credit card details too. We usually believe and have trust that the website is securing our information. Looking closely we find out that most of the well-known websites and accounts are not keeping our secrecy. Our only motivation is the ease the online world provides. Sometimes data sharing provides us benefits but sometimes it is full of risk.
Why We Need To Increase Data Privacy Regulation
There can be many reasons why we need increased data privacy, regulation. The purpose of it is not just securing our personal information. The main purpose is the protection of our rights too. It ensures that a person’s rights and freedom are not violated. Most of the time when data are not protected can lead to serious disasters. Many problems and consequences may arise too. It can be extracting money from one’s account or whatnot. Data privacy, regulation ensures fair and consumer-friendly deal too. For the protection of data, one should know why it is being processed or used. This can be done by a data protection audit. It ensures whether data protection regulations are followed or not.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The General Data Protection Regulation came in effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR made data privacy more prominent in the public eye. From the last 20 years, GDPR has made an incredible change in data privacy. It provides a level of protection and also individual empowerment. GDPR put a regulation on Europe’s framework. It put new obligations and privacy protection on the organization. It makes sure that privacy and secrecy are being maintained. It provided power to regulators too. The regulators can ask for descriptions or demonstrations. If the right answer is not given to them they have the power to even impose fines.
Key Concept Of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The key concept of GDPR is to provide individuals a fair, transparent, and explicit content. It made sure that the whole work is clear without any ambiguity. It also included mandatory breach notification. It includes the right to access and the right to privacy. It also excluded anonymity data collection. Safety handling and transfer of data across borders. Moreover, requiring the consent of subjects for data processing.
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Data privacy, regulation is CCPA. The CCPA was being in effect on January 1, 2020, but was made as a new law in June 2018. It was made due to many complaints based on personal privacy. Also for the protection of personal information. Under CCPA business that collects their consumer’s personal information should inform them. They should tell what type of information is being collected. Moreover had the liability to inform about what category information is being collected too. It applies to any organization. Whether the organization is working in any part of California.
Key Concept Of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
It was mainly for all the California residents. It ensured that no personal data is being used for any mishap or illegal work. For data privacy, regulation CCPA ensured that the subject should know what data is being collected. Telling individuals how the data is being used and why. There can be significant similarities that can be seen between CCPA and GDPR. CCPA was considered as the most comprehensive law in the country. The individuals also have the right to stop organizations to collect data if they find something confusing about it.
For data privacy, regulation CCPA and GDPR are considered important laws till now. Both of them do have some similarities. Let's compare them together.
* How Much In Scope
The GDPR is implied in those businesses that are being processed in the EU. It does not focus on the size of the business. Whereas CCPR is implied in California based businesses only. All those businesses that sell personal information CCPA are applied to them.
* Penalties
For data privacy, regulation GDPR puts fine on the data breach. It also puts penalties on non-compliance. GDPR imposes 4% of the company's annual global turnover. Whereas CCPA imposes penalties and fines as per violation. The violation can only be on point of breach.
* Rights
Both CCPA and GDPR focus on information being accessed or deleted for data privacy, regulation.
While GDPR applies and focused on data relating to EU consumer/ citizen only. While CCPA focuses on consumer’s and household's privacy. Businesses should test their functions to follow these rights.
* Enforcement Of GDPR And CCPA
CCPA got in effect in 2020. It showed that it was implemented and made on to the current data privacy, regulation conditions. Whereas GDPR was adopted in April 2016 but was made in effect on May 25, 2018.
* Workings Of GDPR And CCPA
Though the workings of CCPA is not as comprehensive as compare to GDPR. While the processing of both the law is focused on protecting consumer data. CCPR achieved on tech innovation and now working their way to consumer privacy.
Whether it is CCPA or GDPR both are working up to the mark in data privacy, regulation. This law makes consumers understand why and for what purpose their data is being used. This gives consumers more hold on their data. In addition to this these, both laws are also data encrypted too.

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