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Filipino Crunchy Lumpia

Christmas dinner and Noche Buena is not quite complete without lumpiang shanghai. No doubt that so many people love Filipino lumpia and serve them in a break time, for lunch, or to take away to be enjoyed in a city's park, house's yard, or to serve them in family gathering alongside with some dip sauce to make your Filipino lumpia is more enjoyable and try a different ways to enjoy this tasty and incredibly yummy Filipino lumpia.
This coming Tuesday, Feb 11th, NYC chef Miguel Trinidad of Filipino hotspots Maharlika and Jeepney takes over Brooklyn's Pork Slope to sling sweet cured sausage fried rice, tamarind pork soup and lumpia, these crispy fried spring rolls we're really looking forward to.

For our recipe, we took two hit Panlasang Pinoy recipes—Pork and Chicken Adobo, a dish of pork and chicken braised in a mix of soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaves, and other seasonings; and Lumpiang Shanghai, a popular finger food of fried spring rolls filled with a ground meat mixture—and merged them into a one-of-a-kind creation.
Filipinos usually make the vegetable lumpia filling with chayote or water chestnuts, carrots, onions, and garlic. She serves the long spring-rolls with a sweet and sour chile sauce, trying my best to mimic the sweet chile sauce that my aunts have made and taught me,” she says.

There are many types of lumpia, one of them being fresh lumpia which consists of a soft, not-fried wrapper, and a fresh vegetable filling and often times shrimp. Eggrolls are also wrapped, delicious dish but the wrapper is slightly different. Brush the exposed wrapper with the beaten egg 3 and roll up the rest of the way.
The first video I made on how to make lumpia wrappers, I used my had to lift and slam down the dough a couple of times but now, I use a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. I was able to find authentic Filipino lumpia wrappers. Lumpiang Shanghai—This is a lumpia made of either ground pork or beef or a combination of both, herbs, spices, onions, cilantro and carrots.

Lumpia Wrappers (or Spring Roll Wrappers): These can purchased frozen or refrigerated. But as amazing as the pressure cooker is (more recipes coming for you soon!) some things require a little more effort and attention…and for this lumpia recipe, it is well worth it.
Spread a thin strip of mixture on a spring roll wrapper and roll tightly leaving a half-inch of the wrapper exposed. Whenever I cook lumpia, I prefer to use fresh wrappers because I can adjust how thick or thin I want the wrappers. Heat a heavy frying pan over medium heat, add enough oil for deep frying and heat for 5 minutes.

Add, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cover with a lid for about 3 minutes. It is finished off with a variety of toppings such as slices of hard-boiled eggs, crushed chicharon (pork rinds), tinapa (smoked fish) flakes, and spring onions. Lumpiang Shanghai is a Filipino-style spring roll made of ground pork, chicken or beef filling wrapped in thin crepes called lumpia wrappers.

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