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Dentist In München

This task force is made up of dentistry's global leaders. Driven by the idea of pursuing new and forward-looking paths of dental education and training, we have developed eight master classes in periodontology and dental implantology that provide the participants a new learning experience thanks to the following educational tools: live surgeries, interactive knowledge transfer in small groups, the exchange of experiences from colleague to colleague, and well-supervised hands-on training.
He is fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), Switzerland, and active member of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO) - USA, European Academy of Osseointegration (EAO), Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics, (GNYAP) and International Academy of Dental Research (IADR).

Thanks to the high level of expertise of our top-notch team of dentists we can offer you the whole range of treatments at the highest level of dentistry and for people with exclusive requirements: from diagnosis to dentistry and odontostomatology as well as dental treatment down to implantology , endodontics as well as dental surgery Our experienced, multilingual team at our dental practice in Munich will be more than glad to advise international patients comprehensively.
Since 2000: Consultant Trauma Center Hospital - Careggi - Florence Training in maxillo-facial surgery and in plastic - aesthetic surgery with the following Fellowships attendances: Maxillofacial surgery CHU Nantes (France) 1986 and 1989 with grant Hopital Necker Paris (France) 1990 with grant Plastic Surgery Universidad Nacional Ciudad del Mexico 1990 with grant Maxillofacial surgery CantonSpitale Zurich (Swiss) 1991 Cranio-facial Surgery at Paul Tessier Clinic Paris (France) 1991 MaxilloFacial Surgery of Baylor College Dallas 1995 with grant Plastic Surgery at UCLA Los Angeles - California 1995 with grant Arnett Jaws Surgery Centre S.Barbara California 1995 Plastic Surgery Southwestern University - Texas Dallas 2003 Teaching Employment: Visiting Professor at the University of Parma (1992-1998), Milan (1998-2003), Pisa (1990-1992), Chieti (1993-1996).

You could visit a different dentist and get a second opinion - if the other dentist also suggests it by himself (don't tell him that you went to another dentist already and what treatment he suggested), then you can be pretty sure that you should do it. That is unless it's obvious that something is wrong with your teeth, but then the question is why your insurance won't cover it. In that case, you can also call your insurance and ask them what they would offer to you - maybe there is a different treatment that is paid.
Depending on the needs of each patient, we offer the following orthopedic treatments and procedures: - Orthopedic treatment of dental crown defects (metal-ceramic or metal-plastic crowns); - Orthopedic treatment of dental line defects (elastic, soft and plaque dentures and microprojections, partial dentures with special retaining elements); - shrug for bruxism; - ceramic crowns and veneers.

She also has completed specializing course on Implants at Munich University, is a proud member of Indian Dental Association, Indian Endodontic Society, Oman Dental Council and a license holder of Ministry of Health, Sultanate of has 23 Years of Experience in Specialised Dentistry.
Due to the strength and durability of this type of porcelain, as well as its good aesthetic appearance, there are no restrictions on its use, the only contraindication for zirconium crowns is in patients with bruxism, but they have a solution, the structures are cut entirely anatomically and after cementing, a protective bar is produced.

Although implant dentistry has had some success in recent years, there is still a lot of catching up to do. In particular, there is a need develop treatment protocols that result in fewer surgical procedures, shorter treatment times and less treatment complexity for the benefit of the patient.

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