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I rarely watch TV, so I barely see music videos that always air on VH1 or MTV. When you can't get to the gym — and that's most of us right now — workout videos can help you get moving at home And it's not just a matter of motivation: Plenty of the best workout videos or DVDs can also deliver real results, whether you want to sculpt a stronger upper body, slim your thighs or firm your glutes.
A triceps kickback should begin with both elbows slightly lifted behind your torso; extend both of your hands back at the same time until your arms are straight and you feel the backs of your arms tighten, says ACE Fitness Hold the extension and then slowly bring your hands back to starting position.

Frontline health workers in Iran dance in hospital hallways to buoy their patients as well as themselves, and Italians in lockdown sing from their balconies to boost each other's morale—in turn prompting a string of "Italy jiayou" videos from Chinese netizens.
There were so many different iterations of these songs because we all wanted it to be perfect and literally nobody cared who put their fingerprints on it, as long as it was the dopest thing that we could give to the world and that it was meaningful, authentic, and completely me.” As for the rest of those songs, Gaga said that while she was miserable, sad, depressed” and cried constantly” through the process of making the album, she was somehow able to channel the pain into something upbeat.

The full amount of oxygen you can take in during exercise can be greatly improved by interval training, which involves exercising at maximum effort for a short amount of time - anywhere from 20 seconds to five minutes - recovering with less intense exercise and repeating the sequence several times.
The study set out to test if music videos have an adverse effect on young girls' body dissatisfaction, given that 12-19-year-olds are by far the biggest consumers of such videos, now omnipresent in shops, clubs and in the home, through channels such as MTV.

The research claims several alcohol companies have adopted marketing strategies that contravene their own advertising codes of practice and calls for the music industry to implement new standards to reduce the use of branded and generic alcohol content in videos.
Aside from simply spending time researching new artists, choosing music that resonates with you from genres you enjoy will make a huge difference in your performance, according to Harvard Health Publishing Not to mention, it'll keep you interested in the tracks.

The researchers explain, in a recent article in the open-access journal Frontiers in Psychology, that although the groups felt quite differently about whether specific pieces of music made them feel good or bad, their subjective and physiological responses to how exciting or calming they found the music to be appeared to be universal.

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