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Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles, CA

Attorneys specializing in California lemon law can be exceedingly expensive, but this is no different from any sort of legal help. Whether nearing retirement and wanting to live life on the road or simply looking for suitable vacation transportation, many California residents consider hitting the road in an RV. Though these vehicles can certainly have their uses, they are a major investment.
California's lemon law is one of the strongest in the nation, designed to protect consumers by requiring car companies and consumer goods manufacturers and warrantors to repurchase or replace vehicles or consumer goods that suffer from warranty defects that cannot be fixed in a reasonable number of attempts.

We accept lemon law cases for all brands of all types of motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and RVs, as well other expensive products, such as kitchen appliances, large TVs, computers, audio equipment, and musical instruments such as pianos.
If you think that you might need an attorney specializing in Lemon Law, Auto Fraud, Dealer Fraud or Repair Fraud, then either give us a call at (213) 282-2000 to discuss your case, or fill out the easy FREE case evaluation form and we will call you back to discuss your legal options.
Whether you meet this legal presumption or not, so long as you have afforded the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to repair your vehicle during your entire ownership of the vehicle, you may be eligible to recover, at your option, a refund for your purchase or a replacement vehicle of comparable value.
Jon Jacobs has personally handled and resolved over 1500 Lemon Law cases, and won one of the largest lemon law jury trial verdicts in California history - $435,000 total against Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC in 2010 in Sacramento involving an E-Class with brake problems.

I purchased a used vehicle from a car dealership, and it was sold AS-IS”, but I purchased an ‘extended warranty', can I qualify for California Lemon Law protection?” Answer: no. Firstly, on the AS-IS” point, if there is no warranty being provided, it automatically means no lemon law claim or case as there is no warranty in place.
Included here are some tips that you need to remember just before talking to an attorney specializing in California lemon laws: Under Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles this law, a vehicle is subject to qualification only when it suffers a cekipz that cannot be repaired by an authorized dealer.

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