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Atlanta Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorney

Having the reassurance that you are protected by your employer in the event that an accident occurs is important. To ensure your medical bills, lost wages, and all other expenses relating to your case are properly evaluated and put a properly evaluated dollar value on your pain and suffering requires the knowledge and expertise of a personal injury attorney in Atlanta Only a local attorney can properly assess all the qualifying elements of your case.
As such, when you are involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you need to obtain the services of a personal injury lawyer that has experience with both motorcycle accident claims and personal injury cases involving catastrophic injuries.

Another important advantage when working with the McAleer law Firm is that because we are willing to go to trial on even small cases, the insurance companies know we will not settle for less than a case is really worth which in turn leads to higher settlements.
Our clients benefit from the various unique legal backgrounds that each of our personal injury attorneys have, and this aspect of our practice allows our clients to have the benefit of knowing that every personal injury attorney at Cambre and Associates has an extensive amount of education and trial experience.
Each of these types of personal injury claims and others that are handled by the personal injury attorneys at our firm require either an intimate knowledge of a very Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney specific area of state law such as medical malpractice or an understanding of the interplay between state and federal law such as commercial vehicle accidents.

After reviewing the information obtained from you and from their own investigation, your lawyer will create an insurance claim stating your injuries and all damages, how the other driver was exercising negligence, and the request for financial compensation based on those damages.
Malfunctioning or defective equipment can result in all sorts of injuries such as fractured bones, burns, choking hazards, serious cuts, and property damage and our experienced product liability lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia can help you recover your losses.

Our firm has over 30 years of experience handling claims related to injuries or deaths resulting from car accidents, truck crashes, and motorcycle accidents, as well as slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, boating accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or neglect, and other situations.
We are proud to represent our clients and we take great pride in the legal work that we do. Each client and every case is important to us. We are here to help those victims of negligence turn their lives around and get the compensation and justice they deserve and move on with their lives.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident or injured due to dental or medical negligence and you would like to discuss your case in strict confidence with an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney, please call (404) 525-5150 or contact us online today.
An experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer could evaluate your situation and determine whether you may be able to receive compensation that could cover the added expenses and difficulties caused by the injury, leaving you free to focus on recovery.
The behavior of the negligent party and the circumstances surrounding their actions are what determines what type of negligence they engaged in. As such, if you are involved in any type of accident or are the victim of a crime, you should always contact a personal injury attorney in order to determine what civil remedies might be available to you as an accident or criminal victim.

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