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Stone Kitchen Sinks

Welcome to Australian owned and operated since 2004. If you know what you're looking for already, choose from our range you're not sure which material or installation type would work best for your space, step into a local Reece branch and speak with a friendly expert who help you to find the best fitting sink for your needs and space.
Some overmount sinks can look just as sleek as their undermounted cousins. Here is a side by side comparison of seven of the most popular materials for kitchen sink wall mounted baby change table manufacturing. The designs of the Eternal Collection, inspired by the personality of natural stone, are now available with some of the integrity sink models.

My newly installed undermount has nowhere for grime to hide, sits neatly into the stone bench and makes my very small kitchen benchspace look expansive, tidy and clean, really enjoying my long researched and considered choice. Made of premium quality black granite stone composite (80% granite), our 9mm thick Stone Sink is designed to not only look fabulous but also extremely durable and longlasting.
Most architects choose farmhouse apron sinks when they're designing an upscale project. If space is on the tight side, undermount sinks can maximise benchtop space because the bench can extend all the way to the edge of the sink (and even a bit more, if the sink is rebated underneath).
Unlike the stainless steel kitchen sinks of old, new models come with thick rubber pads that absorb the vibrations produced when you're using the sink. Depending upon the décor and fixtures of a home, following materials for sinks may be considered. This sink has a two bowl design that will look great in every modern kitchen, especially those which already use granite countertops.

However, they are not impervious to scratches or heat, so you may want to treat yours with a little more care than you would your average stainless steel sink. There's a range of materials to choose from - go for our white ceramic glazed sinks for a more traditional, rustic look, or our highly polished stainless steel for a sleeker, modern look.
While traditional in style, modern materials and manufacturing techniques mean today's butler's sinks are tougher, more scratch resistant and easier to keep clean. These sinks allow you to store the dirty dishes in one bowl and wash them in the other. Dingjun is very proud of its reputation as the place to go for unusual stone and the wide variety of complementary products: marble tiles, granite tiles, porcelain tiles and glass mosaic and stone tiles.

We hope this information helps you choose the best sink or sinks for your kitchen renovation. Stainless steel is not great at hiding fingerprint stains and watermarks, so you will have to clean the sink regularly. Be prepared for a little maintenance and care, but don't worry: you needn't handle a granite composite sink with kid gloves.
Try a sink made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel for your outdoor project as it has been made to withstand tough outdoor conditions. Undermount sinks are effectively ‘glued' in. If this isn't done well, don't be surprised when a heavy sink load of water and dishes comes crashing to the floor.
For best results, please install your sink with suitable thickness gaskets to ensure no water leakage. Cast Iron Kitchen sinks also work well for homes that require exceptionally rich and deep colors for their kitchen sinks. Easy To Install - Moen is a manufacturer world-renowned for its easy to install products.

Dent-Resistant - The T-304 stainless steel used to construct this sink is dent-resistant and durable. One of the most popular kind of kitchen sinks all over the world, Stainless Steel sinks are known for their affordability, durability and usability. Check out our gorgeous gamut of color options, from crisp white sinks that convey a feeling of lightness and cleanliness, to highly contemporary gray tones that create a fresh and brilliant look, to handsome sinks in onyx black and chocolate brown.
Create the look that you want most, whether it's sleek and seamless undermount with a stone countertop, or easier to install topmount that allows you to install with any kind of kitchen counter, from wood to stone to laminate and even tile. Gloriously vintage, ceramic sinks look perfectly at home in more traditional style kitchens.

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