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Family Law Divorce Attorneys Jacksonville, North Carolina

Our lawyers are open, honest, and always available. During the process of reaching a divorce, you may choose to negotiate and enter into a separation agreement with the other party to settle matters such as alimony , division of assets , child custody and child support It is often reached during mediation.
As the NC laws have become increasingly complex, more-and-more lawyers have chosen to focus their practices on things like accident and injury law” or workers' compensation law.” In fact, lawyers work hard to become recognized as Board Certified Specialists in their field.

Failure to understand the pertinent military order often leads the military spouse to provide less (or more) support than is required and civilian spouses either to give up payments they would otherwise be entitled to or to demand unreasonably large support.
Daphne is a skilled family law attorney focusing on divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony and spousal support, property division, separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, mediation, divorce trial and litigation, and domestic violence and restraining orders.

The circuit court characterized the entire appreciation in the value of the nonmarital North Carolina property as a marital asset subject to equitable distribution despite the fact that the appreciation was entirely attributable to passive inflation.
At least that's true for the lawyers at our office, the Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm. When you need to ramp up fast or have a high stakes trial or deal that requires deep knowledge across a range of areas, our experienced lawyers multiply your resources as a cohesive part of your team.
North Carolina law prescribes what is required to legally end your marriage. Not all lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of North Carolina family law divorce however the Divorce Clinic has been processing uncontested divorces in North Carolina for over 45 years and is very knowledgeable on your rights.

To file for divorce in the state of North Carolina, the plaintiff or defendant in the case must have resided in North Carolina for at least six months prior to filing. When dealing with military and military dependents, residency for purposes of a divorce can be a legal issue.
B. The ten year marriage requirement” Contrary to popular misconception, the Federal law does not impose a ten-year marriage requirement before a military pension can be divided. Our service includes answering some basic questions about you and your spouse's name and address information in addition to other necessary details to file both your separation agreement and divorce.
To speak with our experienced Greenville family law attorneys, contact Miller & Audino, LLP, by calling 252-493-6138. An attorney can point out your options, helping you carefully negotiate law firm division of assets, child custody and visitation. As with any other term of a separation agreement, the parties themselves determine the appropriate amount of child support.

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