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Boston Attorney

Our Boston Criminal Defense Attorneys provide unparalleled representation against the most complex and difficult cases in Massachusetts. In this lawyer's opinion, judges must be constantly reminded of the requirements of the law, and that things like mere annoyance, excessive phone calls, emails, or unannounced visits are generally not adequate grounds for issuing a 209A order, as unpleasant as those actions may be. The "victim" may have a whole range of other criminal and civil recourse against the alleged offender, but 209A orders sought to patch up someone's love life or to "calm things down" between ex lovers are nothing short of blatant abuse of the law.
However when a case is presented to a Grand Jury so that it can go forward in the Superior Court, errors can be committed, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that could result in an experienced criminal lawyer filing and winning a motion to dismiss in the Superior Court.

Never challenge the Officers authority or engage in an argument; in over 25 years of practicing as a Boston criminal lawyer and prosecutor before that, I have never seen one case in which this behavior has helped a person, in the alternative I have seen it led to more serious charges being brought against them.
He is a well-known commentator on cutting-edge legal issues, and frequently appears on CNN, Fox News, Investigation Discovery ("ID") and Court TV. When Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (the "Wall Street Journal" of the Massachusetts legal profession) needs an attorney to explain the latest development in criminal law, they contact David R. Yannetti at his Suffolk County law office.

Our clientele include executives at Fortune 500 companies, elected politicians, members of academia, small and medium sized business owners, financial services professionals, federal and state law enforcement officers, real estate developers and professionals, fellow attorneys, and referrals from adversaries and colleagues alike.
If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, or you had what you thought was a consensual sexual encounter with somebody Boston criminal lawyers who proceeded to accuse you of sexual assault, then you must act quickly and consult with an experienced criminal attorney.

Our attorneys provide pro bono legal services in collaboration with a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Legal Food Hub, Massachusetts Advocates for Children, the Women's Bar Foundation, the Victim Rights Law Center, Volunteer Lawyers Project, Health Law Advocates and Discovering Justice.
As we defend you in your criminal case, we also factor in potential collateral consequences including violations of your civil rights, professional licensing matters, educational goals, career opportunities, immigration consequences, and university disciplinary proceedings.

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