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Best Web Design Agencies Of 2020

We're a nationally recognized web design, development, and optimization agency with nearly 20 years of experience working with clients in NYC and beyond. Seriously, though — when she's not designing, managing, and just generally gracing every one of e9's projects with her creative genius and steadfast efficiency, you can find her playing multiple instruments, painting, sketching, ripping through novels at breakneck speed, and winning slam poetry competitions.
Most common ones are: a) narrow expertise (typically, one or two aspects of website development); b) insecurity (no one can vouch for a person); c) lack of control; d) several projects at once (instead of focusing exclusively on your project, remote designers usually do multiple things at the same time).

The company helps global brands including Disney, Apple, YMCA, Samsung, Adidas, Adobe and Stanford University architect complex technical solutions and create meaningful digital experiences through user experience, content strategy, stunning visual design, and ongoing digital strategy.
Other web design companies may try to sell you on a separate mobile website design as well as a desktop website design, as mobile websites need a different, distinct look and feel compared to desktop designs to adjust to the different ways people interact with a desktop compared to a mobile device.

Your business's website isn't just an interactive brochure anymore, or at least it shouldn't be. Users expect a website that's fast, attractive, and useful, but with web design technologies changing like lightning, keeping a website up-to-date and in line with your business's branding can seem like an impossible task.
Considering that 31% percent of people use mobile devices as their primary means to go online (according to the Pew Research Center), combined with the fact that 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile Web Design Company New York devices, if your website lacks a responsive web design, your site could provide a poor first impression and a frustrating experience for a sizable portion of your potential clients or customers.

Managerial & Creative - 7+ years of managing dev teams of various size and running my own companies. Newbird is a Buffalo, New York digital agency built for today's modern business world. Our aim is to help small businesses, startups grow exponentially in a digital world where grabbing attention is not just difficult, it is an art.

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