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Creative Kitchen & Bath St. Louis

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling has over 15 years experience of home remodeling in St. Louis MO. We have remodeled kitchens , bathrooms , basements , additions, businesses, bars and restaurants in the St. Louis MO area. We know what a big investment your home St. Louis Kitchen Designers is, and want to make sure that every room fits the idea of what you want it to be. We take your ideas from the beginning and put them down on paper, and are with you every step of the way during your home remodeling in St. Louis MO and the neighboring cities.
When you're ready to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom, the Beis Plumbing team can handle everything beneath the sink and within the walls to ensure your water is flowing correctly, pipes are in good condition and your bathroom fixtures are free of sediment buildup.

It is important in kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations that lines are run ensuring plumbing and electricity outlets are in locations that they need to be. Failure to have these things in the locations where they will be used will result in costly additions of electrical outlets and plumbing lines.
At Saint Louis Renovators, we find the beauty in odd angles and have the craftsmanship to turn them into a reading nook, a wood-paneled billiard room, a wine cellar, a custom woodworking bookshelf, or a kitchen and bath remodeling project. STL Kitchen & Bath Renovations has been remodeling kitchens in St. Louis since 2004.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a great way to save money by installing energy star rated appliances or replacing older kitchen windows with new money saving insulated windows. A kitchen remodel is an excellent project that adds a different dynamic to your house and increases your property value.
When the space no longer fits your needs or your personality, it's time for an Imperial, Missouri kitchen remodel. Led by Troy Moore, the firm initially began as a custom home builder prior to delving into other markets and adding additional services such as redesigns, home furnishing, cabana construction, and lower-level finishing.

Agape excels at all sorts of interior and exterior remodels, including expertly handcrafted kitchen projects. The firm is run by Jeffrey Bernstein, an experienced homebuilder who has worked for some of St. Louis' leading firms prior to the establishment of his company.
The first thing you are going to notice when you walk into your new bathroom, are the cabinets. With kitchen and bath design in mind, we will start working on creating the new look for your home or commercial space. To help you reach that goal, McManus Construction has developed expert processes for each major phase of the job.
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling St. Louis firmly believes in effective and efficient service—which is exactly what you'll receive. Here at Premier Home Design & Remodeling, we are founded on the basic principle that no matter how big or small the remodeling project might be, the results should be something we're proud to stand behind.

The goal at FIX St. Louis is to provide you with first-rate kitchen refinishes to your exacting standards and to deliver outstanding customer service With each kind of home improvement job, we put forward our best efforts at all times. Our professional and friendly team of designers and service staff deliver the best remodeling experience from start to finish.
We understand that starting a remodel or new construction project can be overwhelming. Our average remodeling project takes between one and five days to complete, explains Demea Loyd, Co-Owner. To complete the Bedroom” area and make it a true Master-Suite”, a private bathroom completes the design.

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