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Houston TX Security Cameras

Our security consultation and installation experts give you the best surveillance system possible for your business. We use state-of-the-art quality equipment mostly High Definition Cameras that have a wide angle of coverage that can sometime eliminate the cost and numbers of additional cameras being used because our cameras cover more area (This depends on the layout of the home or building and the area that needs to be surveillance).
AT BUDGET PRICES, you can get the same level of security solutions received by major Fortune 500 corporations and organizations like Continental Airlines, Walmart, University of Houston, Department of Homeland Security, Houston Police Department and the FBI.

Last summer, the owner of a home in Cottage Grove watched her security cameras from her phone as two men broke in. Her nanny was hiding in a closet with her own child and the homeowner's infant while the men went through the house looking for jewelry.
Many employees do not perform at their highest level unless they are constantly under some form of supervision, and under the ever-present gaze of a business security camera, employees usually act on their best behaviour because they never know when a supervisor is monitoring their performance.
The Houston Chronicle reports that package thefts have increased in the city by 80 percent since 2015, when HPD started tracking the crime.” In an Security Camera attempt to prevent package theft yet also allow you to capture what's happening, look for security camera options when researching providers.

But we aren't just limited to outside forces, our security camera systems can also be a perfect solution to monitor your daily business production, so if you're away from your office or staff you still have a way to monitor what's going on in your absence.
The company works with works with residential customers, bars, restaurants, retail establishments, health care providers, developers, financial institutions, and other businesses. Their system options include modern equipment, like doorbell cameras, and they offer smart home and home automation packages on par with Fort Knox and national players.

Fort Knox also offers top-notch security for Houston businesses. They provide fire alarm installation, security lighting, and security systems monitoring as well as other services. The company offers commercial sound and PA systems for businesses, as well. Hanwha's recently introduced Wisenet line of innovative security products demonstrates the value, technology and commitment we bring to market including 12MP cameras, intelligent video analytics and H.265 support.

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