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Chinese Students Reveal Why They Study In Australia

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University , is Australia's leading hotel school for hospitality education. Students felt more positive about their classes when teachers were seen as both cooperative”—caring, helpful, friendly, and supportive and dominant”—showing leadership, being influential, and acting in an authoritative manner (Brekelmans et al. 2002 , p. 1). In other words, students indicate that they respect teachers who have rules but are not overly rigid, and set themselves above and apart” (Davidson 1999 , p. 360).
56 For recruitment strategies, there are some approaches that higher education institutions adopt to ensure stable enrollments of international students, such as developing 配偶签证 university preparation programs, like the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Program, and launching international branch campuses in foreign countries.

28, 2011) - With Australian medical school applications fast approaching, it is time to start thinking of programs and universities to apply to. Asian Scientist Magazine has provided a comprehensive guide and check-list to help you achieve your goal of getting into medical school… the first and most important step towards becoming a doctor.
Overall, however, this lack of substantial difference between private school male students and all other groups across the SPS's 35 items provided some reassurance that the gender imbalance in survey respondents would not have a large or misleading effect on planned group-wise comparisons.

The event involved scholars from Edith Cowan University, Queensland University, Griffith University, James Cook University, Australia and Sun Yat-Sen University, Shandong University in China as well as experts from Australian Consul-General in Chengdu, Tourism Australia, Mingyu Industrial Group Corporation, Chengdu Overseas Travel, and more.
Similarly, students commented that their opinions were important yet were not always listened to: some teachers just don't even listen to you so why listen to them?” For these students, the opportunity to ‘speak up' depended on the teacher and class; opportunities were provided by good” teachers but not others.
By studying in such schools, their children can essentially opt out of the most stressful examination - the National University Entrance Examination (Gao Kao- 高考) In the eyes of Chinese middle-class parents, international education credentials open doors to the top jobs.

In 2008, the school set an aim to be a top 10 business school for teaching and research on sustainability and a zero waste, carbon neutral enterprise by 2020.” One graduate said: Darden's focus on ethics and socially driven leadership have directly influenced how I manage and lead”.
If Australia is to remain a destination for world-class education, we need to be far more self-reflective and long-sighted about what Australian international education offers: global citizenship and transnational mobility We need to listen to the voices of an increasing middle-class in China.
A comprehensive research university with a global vision, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) embraces internationalisation in its education and research, with a view to achieving excellence and gaining recognition for the University as a global leader.
Yifan surmised of her fellow students, They want a joyful overseas education experience, but they also want to get a job when they go back to their home country.” Chinese international students in Australia are a group of young people who have their sights fixed in two directions: one here in Australia, and the other in China.

Two instruments were used for data collection: the first was a survey that allowed students to characterize their views of what it is that teachers do in effectively managing their classrooms; the second, focus group interviews, allowed groups of students in each school to provide more depth to their perspectives of effective classroom management.

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