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Iron Furniture Romania

Characterised by dark forest, medieval villages,and gothic castles, Romania is a mesmerising destination; withseven UNESCO-listed monuments, magnificent landscapes, as well as avivid culture, visiting Romania is truly an adventure. Hour-long guided tours manage to take profile amprentate in just a fraction of the building's three-million-plus square feet (there are more than a thousand rooms) and focus on the tons of marble, hardwood, and gold used in the building's construction in the 1980s, a time when Romania was straining to feed its own people.
According to a Romanian legend, the city of Bucharest was founded by a shepherd named Bucur, literarily meaning joy or happiness, who dazzled people with the way he played his flute and endeared him to locals because of the good wine from nearby vineyards, therefore the local residents decided to name the town after him.

The guesthouse is carefully furnished in the traditional decorative style of the Szeklers, or the Hungarian-speaking people of Transylvania This means whitewashed walls, sometimes with handwoven carpets hung like wainscoting; glazed-tile woodburning furnaces; locally made furniture with handcarved finials and other decorative elements; and wrought-iron lamps made by local blacksmiths.
A medieval serf community that built its local economy on iron mining an manufacture of national importance created a settlement pattern comparable to those of medieval towns that is developing having a double character of a bourgeois-industrial town with its characteristic functions and of a village defined by its agricultural character and rich ethnographical heritage.

6. Compared to Hollókő, Rimetea presents a series of similarities, the evolution of the plot structures and land use, some similar events that marked the development of the architectural heritage, the presence of the medieval castles, the general layout of the houses and others, but there are also complementary characteristics (slightly different proportions and ornamentation, the impact of iron mining and manufacture etc.). Therefore the joint presence of the two settlements in the Unesco WHL would be certainly a good solution and the two settlements would exemplify the development of rural architecture in a much larger sense.
Factory price wrought iron element for fence and gate Product Details: Specifications Material Round steel or square steel, hammered and formed by hand or machine Style We supply more than 1000 styles of components, and we can also product Any style according to customers' order.

It is a fascinating outdoor museum with a collection thatspans more than 300 buildings representing the history and designof Romania's rural architecture, including peasant homes, barns,wooden churches, and Transylvanian houses from all regions of thecountry to recreate a village setting.
7. The social and historical elements deriving from iron mining and manufacture and their effect on the architectural development of Rimetea are an exceptional example of universal value from historical, artistic and scientific point of view that are not found in any of the studied settlements.

UMIROM - part of Gerom Industrial Consortium - a manufacturer and a service provider related to a large range of mining equipment, one part of the activities comprises different steel works in cast and forged variants for decorative and ornamental purpose - table supporting arms, floor standard lamps, garden benches, road guards and obstructions, steel grids, bridge ornaments, power line poles.

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