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Souvenirs Of Taiwan

Whenever I leave Taiwan I like to bring back presents. Overall, Taipei City Mall can be a complete hellhole at the worst of times, largely due to how huge it is, how confusing it is to navigate (other than the exits, there are 台東名產伴手禮 no real landmarks to help guide your way), how grimy it can feel, and how crowded it can be. Still, there's a certain rustic charm to it, and it's a good spot to get souvenirs and knick-knacks or indulge in a quick massage.
Taiwan Souvenir And Handicraft Show will be an excellent networking and socializing platform where the exhibitors will come in direct contact with their targeted consumers and introduce their latest products and this event therefore will give a wide exposure to the markets of the exhibitors.

Once you start strolling the aisles, you'll find plenty of foods you'd want to bring back if you only had additional luggage allowance: Chinese mahogany-flavoured soda crackers, apple-flavoured soda drinks, plenty of teas and, of course, amazing dried fruit.
While being quiet on most days, Dihua Street becomes crazily packed a few days before Chinese New Year's Eve, with thousands of people trying to squeeze into the shops for free samples and vendors yelling their lungs out. With surging demand, more than a dozen pineapple cake makers have flooded in the market.

Alongside some local music instruments and clothing, I hauled a huge bag of unusual treats back home for gifts and souvenirs. My personal experience is that souvenirs purchased at night markets stalls or shops tend to be lower priced compared to tourist spots like Jiufen.
When a customer visits its store, everyone gets a full-size pineapple cake paired with Taiwanese oolong tea regardless of purchase. It is called pineapple cake but most of the time, the filling has a high percentage of wax gourd Wax gourd is less expensive and it gives a better texture than just pineapple jam.

In Taipei, I visited the secondhand shop Whole Books , located not far from the Shida night market After spending two hours looking at the cookbook collection, I decided to buy an ices and iced tea cookbook… in Chinese. Chinese tea from Taiwan is my grandmother favourite.

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