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Fluid Film Bearings

Bearings Plus offers a complete line of hydrodynamic fluid film bearings for rotating machinery. To enable a better understanding of the conditions within the bearing the actual load of the oil may be thought of as being divided into an inner load P and an outer load P The inner load, prior to the actual work loaded operation of the spindle is caused by the force required to deform the shell 3 and pre-stress spring 7 when the oil film 6,, is created and further by the static pre-stressing P, Thus, when the spindle 2 is placed into initial rotation the inner force P directly equals the hydrodynamic force P and the spindle assumes a balanced position concentric about the center 0.
9. A bearing as in claim 6 further comprising a squeeze film damper comprising squeeze a film cylinder within said spring support between said spring bars and said cylindrical surface, a fluid squeeze film between said squeeze film surface and said journal bearing spring support and one or more fluid plenums axially adjacent said squeeze film cylinder, said squeeze film cylinder moved by the flexure of said spring bars, movement of said squeeze film cylinder against said squeeze film dampens vibration.
The leaf springs 41 rest on the force transmission piece 1. However, a pre-loading is given to the spring 41 by the support housing 2 which limits the travel of the spring 41 in the direction of the axis 7 of the shaft 6. When the sheets 3, under the action of a rotation of the shaft 6 with respect to the casing 5 separate from the shaft 6, they rest on the force transmission elements 1 which themselves rest on the leaf springs 41. The leaf springs 41 resist a very great separation of the sheets 3. They assure the radial stiffness of the bearing according to the present invention.

In another alternate embodiment for the bearing unit 49, the bearing 52 may be provided with a plurality of compliant structural dampers 54 on each bearing flange 66. More particularly, the annular flanges 66 may each be formed with pairs of circumferential mounting pockets or channels 98 and 99 which each receive a respective one of the dampers 54. These pockets 98 and 99 open radially outwardly about the circumference of the bearing flanges 66 but are axially closed on their inboard and outboard ends by side faces like side faces 86 and 87 described above.
Prismatic member 5 is pushed against the pre-stressing spring 7. The amount of this push, in the vertical direction is three times the thickness of the oil film (i.e.: 3 8 Consequently, the direct vertical movement of the spindle 2 is twice the thickness of the film of oil (i.e.: 2 8 as seen in FIG.
The optimization of the radial stiffness of the sheets is permitted, if it proves necessary, by the presence of external restraining elements permitting maintaining a radial stiffness of the bearing when the sheets are separated from the shaft by the formation of the fluid film.

3, an embodiment of a bearing according to the present invention may be seen comprising a support housing 2 inside of the casing 5. The support housing 2 permits keeping the force transmission pieces 1 in place between the sheets 3 and the leaf springs 41 resting by their extremity on the casing 5. In the example shown in FIG.
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1 in that at low loading, the apices of first corrugations 60 contact the foil and stationary retaining member and thus under such low load conditions, the relatively low spring rate associated with the first corrugations facilitating deformation of the spring for enhanced fluid wedge formation, damping and rotating member stability.
The bearings permitting a displacement of the angle θ, between the axis 7a of the casing 5 and the axis 7 of the shaft 6, without notable reduction in the load capacity of the fluid film between the sheets 3 and the shaft 6, are completely new and allow for bearings according to this invention applications which for the moment would be completely prohibited for gas bearings.
2) at their end farthest from the spring support flange 38. The foot is the only portion of the spring bar that rests on the inner surface of the ring assembly 50. Because of the placement of their feet, the spring bars form cantilever beams that support the spring support within the stationary ring assembly 50.

5. The bearing according to claim 4 wherein said housing is formed with a radial hole, aligned with said movable support, and includes a spring located in saidhole and a rest member interposed between said spring and said movable support, said rest member and said movable support and said shell having corresponding slots and a key inserted therein to prevent rotation of said shell but permit radial movement.

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