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Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne & Sydney (Top Quality)

Evolution - The ultimate in laminate flooring. The colour of the wood fibre changes drastically as the ultrahigh temperature is introduced - the higher the temperature, the darker the change to colour of the fibre is. The colour change is permanent and penetrates the entire piece of hardwood, thus eliminating the need to stain flooring to achieve a rich dark coffee brown colour.
Our timber floor Sydney products are very environmentally friendly. Our expertise lies in the supply and installation of traditional solid tongue laminated timber flooring and groove, Australian Hardwood Floorboards. Today, we are one of the most experienced and respected timber flooring companies in Australasia.

Whether you are on the lookout for rustic or sleek modern flooring, with almost two decades of experience, Enhanced Flooring prides itself for fast and seamless installation of high quality polished and versatile flooring boards in your home or office.
Laminate flooring is easy to clean and self lay so if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast this could be the flooring option you choose to update your investment property - the tenants will like the easy-to-clean nature of it. It's affordable and tough wearing, so is an ideal flooring solution for young families.
Although the price of flooring can vary from $19.50 per square metre for laminate, timber flooring costs per metre can be up to $300 - the durability varies accordingly. Do not skip on this cost as the value of the timber flooring itself is not dependant only on the type of timber you choose, it depends on whether the finish is professional and suits your property.

We combine excellent customer service with the very best timber flooring veneers, maintenance products, and fitting services. No. This is a task required for solid timber floors that are expected to reside in conditions different to that on the time of installation.
When you get quotes for hardwood timber flooring, you are likely to get one by the square metre or for the whole job. Bamboo flooring uses Uniclic locking system. Our timber flooring in Sydney and Melbourne comes in a choice of two veneer thickness levels, 4mm for premium and 3mm for our Project Timber Range.

Through long standing supplier relationships, our company is able to secure the best wood flooring materials and offer them to you at affordable rates. Choose the tint and realistic woodgrain finish that suits your home and style and start enjoying the benefits of durable vinyl laminate flooring today.
Whether you are looking for the ultimate elegance and beauty of solid timber flooring or the addition of decking to enhance your home, QDT is the right place for high quality timber flooring and decking, supplies, advice and expertise. Oak & Broad is a family-owned company centered around providing quality, made-to-order plank flooring.

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