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London Sash Window Company

High quality security features on all our windows. We ended up going for the basic fit as we were having a number of other work done to the property…In comparison the windows were much cheaper that competitors on the market and this was not reflected in the quality as we still got great windows installed.
With years of experience in the area of sash window repairs, i have grown to understand that windows are one of the most important, Double Glazed Sash Windows if not the most important part of any house there is. It brings in the light to the house and shows you the world as well.
The other benefits of these beautiful windows in the fact you can open them up high so if you've got a balcony or somewhere to stand outside then it's extremely easy access as well it was a solution that meant you could still have a sash window that looks elegant but operate effectively in the same way as a door.

Wooden external doors offers much more design options than steel or PVC external doors do. Wooden external doors can be manufactured by custom shapes and sizes, incorporate big choice of molding profiles, glazing options, carvings or panel configurations.

When we started considering getting new windows fitted to our London townhouse we spent a long time researching what kind of sash windows we wanted and spoke with several decided to go with the Sash Window Company, not only because they understood our requirements perfectly but because their customer service was the first call we made to them to the initial site visit it was professional but friendly and we were kept well informed at all times and who would be visiting us.
Our high performance Weatherfin Pile becomes an integral part of your window, installed in our unique parting bead between the sashes, in the new staff beads around the window and installed directly into the mid and bottom rail of your sash windows, effectively draught proofing the whole sash window.

If there are we advise you that the window sill should be replaced if the front edges of the window sill are rotten and the rest is good then we'll replace with what we call a nosing whichever method is used, no corners are cut and you will not be left with any rotten timber in the window cill once the repair or replacement is finished.
The sliding mechanism makes sash windows more vulnerable to these problems than traditional casement windows Sash windows are relatively high maintenance, but offer advantages in return (style, aesthetics, abides by laws (relating to older houses and buildings), natural resources etc.). However, well-maintained sash windows should last generations without needing parts replaced.

We also offer a range of standard building services, carried out to our usual expert standards, including repair and glazing service, replacement of timber sills, resin repairs, painting and plastering, and internal or external doors, standard or made to order.
Overall, if you calculate all the benefits of timber sash windows like the lifespan, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency and all the other additional options that timber sash windows provides, you will come to the conclusion that the costs of PVC and timber sash windows are almost the same.

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