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US Postal Workers

Have you ever considered what would happen if all the mail carriers who work at the post office all went on strike at the same time? Additionally, beyond the minimum number of years required for eligibility purposes for those under either system, for usps postal employees the Federal and Postal employee must have a medical condition which "disables" the Federal or Postal employee, and the medical condition or disability must impact his or her ability to perform one or more of the essential elements of the job.
The petition noted that postal employees carry "blood, sweat, and tears" every day, "at the expense of time with our families, wear and tear on our bodies, and mental and emotional abuse from USPS management" and alleges that USPS CEO Megan Brennan "hasn't sent any supplies" for employee protection and instead read a "very vague statement" about following CDC guidelines.

203 Due to media coverage, postal employees gained a reputation among the general public as more likely to be mentally ill The USPS Commission on a Safe and Secure Workplace found that "Postal workers are only a third as likely as those in the national workforce to be victims of homicide at work." 204 In the documentary Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal, it was argued that this number failed to factor out workers killed by external subjects rather than by fellow employees.
Whether it is leaving some goodies, like cookies or a thank you note, in the mailbox for your mail delivery person, or bringing something to show the people at the local Post Office that their hard work does not go unnoticed, it is important to show postal employees that they are appreciated by the people they serve.
Thus, theoretically, if Federal Worker X has a job which requires the repetitive use of one's left forefinger in the performance of one's position, and that unfortunate digit becomes injured, then Federal Worker X would likely qualify for Federal Disability Retirement benefits.

Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), indicated the Postal service has seen a "drastic" reduction in mail volume and could shutter by the summer without intervention, a collapse that could, among other things, jeopardize access to mail-order prescription drugs for millions of Americans, especially in rural communities.
Third, there is always the pervasive question about whether or not an Agency, be it the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Postal Service, The Department of the Treasury, or a multitude of any Federal agencies - can accommodate a person's medical condition.

Clerks, have a dual function by design of where their assignment is. Window clerks directly handle customer service needs at the counter, sort box mail and also sort first-class letters, standard and bulk-rate mail for the carriers on the work floor.
What's more, private-sector employers aren't required to advance-fund their retiree medical costs because they can curtail these at any time — and, in fact, the largest share of employers have done so, and only provide benefits for a grandfathered group, or no one at all — but for political reasons (as explained at the Tax Foundation ), it is essentially not possible for the USPS to do likewise, absent Congressional action.

For most Federal employees and U.S. Postal Workers, filing for Social Security Disability benefits is merely a formality, inasmuch as most Federal and Postal employees will not be approved for it, but still must file and attach a receipt showing that one has filed.

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