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Engineered System Parts Elsie Link

This is a 165 degree Fahrenheit fusible link replacement that is used for trash, and laundry chute discharge doors and fire damper systems that are intended to help close automatically a chute door or damper to help prevent the spread of flames or smoke with the help of this fusible link.
Upon an increase in the ambient temperature to a level at or above that of the predetermined temperature, however, the alloy 60 will melt whereupon the members fusible link door 12 and 14 may separate, and the separation is ensured because of the confronting beveled and tapered surfaces of the projection and slot, respectively.
The fusible element 31 includes a generally cup-shaped base member 35 having a flattened end surface 36. A mass of fusible material 37 is positioned within the cupshaped base member 35. Abutted against the fusible material 37 is a piston member 39 which is sealed in position by inwardly turned edges 40 of the open end of the cup shaped member 35. The piston member 39 is provided with a recess 41 adapted to receive the projection 30 of the tension member 22.

This results in less work being expended in friction and, hence, better efficiency and faster operation of the link 10. Additionally, the arcuate outer surface 21 of the projection 20 provides clearance between the two link members 12, 14. This clearance is filled by the eutectic alloy 15. When the fused link 10 reaches operating temperatures, the alloy 15 in the clearance acts as a partial or incomplete lubricant and the load on the opposed link members 12, 14 is carried partly by the melted alloy thereby reducing the coefficient of friction on these surfaces.
Both base body 1 are held together by the retaining ring 4, which forms a clearance fit with the base body 1. A displacement of the main body against each other is prevented by the intervening fusible link 3. The bodies are provided at both ends with eyelets 5, where tensile stresses on the fusible link 3 are applied via cables.

The solution according to the invention provides a thermoterrelling element with fusible solder, which is suitable for use in fire-extinguishing technology and is subjected to tensile stress, this triggers in a predetermined temperature range, without developing toxic properties by the formation of verdigris.
The fusible link may be incorporated into the release operating mechanism for fire doors and windows, or to release the control for any sort of device such as a fire detector, fire alarm, fire extinguishment apparatus, or the like, in which the control for the device is to be operated upon the attainment of a predetermined temperature rise.
It will be noted that a tension force applied to the outer ends of the members 21 and 22 is transformed to a compressive force through the piston member 39 to the fusible material 37. Upon the attainment of a predetermined temperature the fusible material melts and the piston member 39 is forced therein, thereby releasing the tension members 21 and 22. In the event the fusible link is connected into a door restraining mechanism as shown in FIGURE 1, the weight 15 is released so that the door 11 slides down the track 14 to close off the passageway 10.

In order to transfer the ambient temperature as quickly as possible to the fusible link 3, ribs 6 are arranged on the main body 1 for heat absorption. The above mentioned eutectic materials have eutectic temperatures ranging from about 100 F. to about 600 F.
The slot is spaced relative to the projection on the link member such that the projection of one of the link members is received in the slot of the other link member. Means is also provided adjacent the other ends of the pieces to separate the pieces and break the linkage upon the eutectic solder reaching the eutectic temperature.

5. Art assembly as set forth in claim 4 wherein said projection is rectangular in plan. Use to prove to customer that link reacted to temperature the way it was designed to. Measures ” square with ” dot in the center,20 labels per card. Other types of fusible links include flat members arranged side-by-side and having a dimple and projection arrangement, or a tongue and groove arrangement to prevent creep.

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