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EPS Machinery, 3D Panel Production Line

Comprehensive sandwich panel production systems for manufacturing components and insulating panels with a sandwich-like structure. It consists of the nozzle and pump that spray polyurethane solution, a tank that stores solution, various catalysts and gas, and a traverse that enables to spray PU solution evenly, and the device is designed considering high precision and the reliability of maintenance.
The whole system includes uncoiling system, film covering and cutting system, roll forming machine,preheating oven, high pressure foaming system, double belt conveyor, double belt heating polyurethane sandwich panel line device, cutting system, etc. 8. In 2009, WEIHUA supplied whole PU sandwich panel continuous production line and ROCK WOOL production line to Zhanhong (FuJian) Panel development Co., Ltd.

The whole PU&Rock Wool sandwich panel production line includes:uncoiler, steel panel lifting device, filming and cutting device, ribbing device, main forming machine, steel panel connecting device, steel panel pre-heat equipment, rock wool system,high pressure foaming machine, side seal device, double-belt conveyor machine, heating device of double-belt conveyor, automatic tracking band-saw, output roller path, panel cooling system, automatic stacker, wrapping machine and so on.
1)50mm PU sandwich panel both side plain 2.44x1mtr 1)50mm PU sandwich panel inner side plain outer low rib 2.44x1mtr also 2.7mtr ,diff sizes Last UpdatedApr 12, 2015 Quantity Required500 ( Square Meter ) This buyer wants to receive quotations only from Premium Members.

The continuous PU, PIR sandwich panel line, which is made by KINDUS who was the first in S. Korea to success localization of the whole equipment, is manufactured based on a higher technical level all over the process throughout design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
According to application and final result desired, panels can be either finished with steel, aluminum, copper, wood imitation and corten-steel. Upon the finish of feeding, the press will close and slant at a angle, waiting for injecting PU raw materials from the PU mixing head into different panels.

Un-coiler is a device that inputs steel coil to the upper and lower parts of sandwich panel to feed it stably. The key technology of foaming system proceeds that of European manufacturer, and the mirror flat sandwich panel is superior in the field. 2. The continuous sandwich panel production line has a large scale production capacity.
Metalpanel is one of the leading European companies in the manufacturing of sandwich panels. Uncoiler will uncoil the steel sheet which goes to the roll forming machine. Sandwich Panel production line type and J type can be positioned. The roll forming machines shape the metal to have the desired panel profile.

Automatic Water Supply System: 2 sets water pumps supply water to two water measuring devices respectively, after reaching the set value, water measuring devices supply water to mixers automatically. A simple operation of the control system, the normal automatic production do not need to go backwards, but a forward-pressure cutting is completed.

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