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Vigo Alpeba Aluminios

3. They should appropriate studies of economic and financial profitability made and, where appropriate, the environmental impact assessment, in those actions included in the programming of public investments that are relevant, according to it the criteria established in the current legislation and guidelines State Ports established.
That percentage may not exceed the percentage represented by the total annual activity of each port service performed by the licensee of self-provision or service integration in the geographical area and, where appropriate, in the type of and merchandise traffic, affected by the particular requirements of service apply.

The Port Authority shall consult, at least once a year, to the Committee regarding the conditions of provision of such services, and in particular on the rates of port services open to general use, organization and quality services and, if necessary, on the establishment, maintenance or agreement limiting the number of service providers.
The total amount of bonuses regulated in this section to apply annually each Port Authority may not exceed 20 percent of annual revenues jointly by fees ship, passengers and merchandise the previous year last year in which the Business Plan is agreed.

B) impose public service obligations for reasons of national defense or in crisis situations or in order to ensure provision under conditions of continuity and regularity, without prejudice to any compensation that may be applicable under current legislation.
1. The Public Agency State Ports shall, after hearing the Port Authorities and reports of the Directorate General of the Merchant Marine and the Alpeba Vigo Ministry of Interior, Regulation of Exploitation and Police of ports that will regulate the operation of the various services and operations.

1. For the purpose of this law is deemed to exist when the service integration licensee or holder of an authorization of a passenger terminal or goods dedicated to the particular use can provide to ships operating in the same one or more services technical- water, with own staff and equipment, without holding contract with third parties whose purpose is the provision of such services.
2. Applications that are contrary to the provisions of the Strategic Plan, the Master Plan on the Delimitation of spaces and port uses, in the special plan, if any, or the current regulations, will not be accepted, being filed in the within two months without further ado that the hearing prior to the petitioner.

3. When an organ of the Central Government or any agency or related entity or dependent of the same required the use of public port, request the corresponding Port Authority property in the public domain required, who will authorize such use whenever compatible with normal operation of the port and for as long as necessary, must sign the corresponding agreement in which the conditions thereof shall be established, including the fees, if any, arise and the costs must assume that.
G) To authorize the participation of Port Authorities in commercial companies and the acquisition or disposal of their shares when not attend the assumptions set out in Article 26.1.p), provided that these operations do not involve the acquisition or loss majority position, in which case authorization for the Council of Ministers.

3. On the report of the Director and hearing the person concerned where applicable, the Board of Directors of the Port Authority granting or denying a discretionary basis and subject to the timely motivation, authorizations whose term of validity exceeds one year, and president of those that do not exceed that period.

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