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Proven And Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List

I'm going to how you 1 special method of building an email list fast, from scratch. While your free offer marketing efforts and website opt-in box will turn visitors into list members, it's is up to you to make sure that the content in your free offer compels people to take action and transition from list member to hot prospect, paying customer, or new client.
The key with this strategy is to have a product that people really want, and make it as compelling as possible for subscribers to share $1000 month it with their friends and colleagues - the better the upsell offer (eg 12 months free) the more likely the campaign will go viral.

Of course, you can take it a lot further if you want to. For example, you can then create other lead magnets for different types of customers if you want to get more sophisticated, and you can then segment your list so you can target prospects with different content and offers that may interest them more.
The key to getting the best results from a Content Upgrade is to create a piece of content that perfectly aligns with what the original article is about, and offers additional value that is so good that readers are compelled to enter their email address to receive it.
The funny thing is though, I've tested various content upgrades in the popups from 108-page professionally-formatted eBooks to five-minute, easy-to-digest checklists, and the shorter content that takes a fraction of the time to produce continues to win hands down in terms of the number of email subscribers gained.

As consumers tend to prefer a personalised experience , the subscription widget also allow you to collect a variety of customer information up front (first name, last name, birthday, mailing address etc.). Fields can be marked as mandatory - to strike the right balance between requesting information and making it easy for your users to sign up.
Note: Facebook will nudge you to connect your form to a CRM” after you create your Lead Ad There are standalone tools that will integrate Facebook Lead Ads to most email tools, but Drip integrates with Lead Ads for free , so you don't have to worry about paying just to sync your new leads.

However an autoresponder is extremely effective at addressing points 2 and 3. For 2, since it teaches something specific and actionable (e.g. How to Double Your Leads in 30 Days, see top right sidebar on this page) the value and benefits usually become clear when readers review the email lessons.
Fast forward to today, here's the bottom-line lesson I've learned as a result of that test: other than being 10x more effective than social media, and 2X higher ROI than SEO, great content + email marketing allows you to build relationships with people on a many-to-one scale.

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